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Switching Classes

Switching to an open section in the same course before wait lists are resolved (fourteen days prior to the start of the academic term) is straightforward and may be done by the live support team or with an email to TPS Support. All other switches are limited and require a written (email) request to TPS Support for consideration and discussion.

Prior to Fourteen Days Before the Start of the Academic Term

Switches of enrolled classes are possible until fourteen days prior to the start of the academic term. After this, wait list resolution has begun and switches are limited (this limitation includes switches to sections that show as Open in the course catalog).

Open Section in Same Course. Visit TPS live support or write to [email protected] to request the switch from a Held Seat in one section to an Open seat in another section of the same course. You will receive email notification of the enrollment in the new section and drop from the old section with no change in invoice amounts or dates.

Wait List Section in Same Course. You may enroll onto a Wait List at anytime from your family account. We will switch you if/when the Wait List seat becomes available to you. If it does not become available, there will be no switch and you remain enrolled in the current seat. When there is a switch, you receive notification as the switch occurs. You will not have opportunity to accept or reject the switch — your enrollment on the Wait List constitutes your preference and approval for the switch.

Open Section in Different Course. To switch from one course to another, you must send written request to [email protected] The live support team cannot approve or complete a switch from one course to another, and you will be directed to write the email even if you visit live support.

Wait List Section in Different Course. This is a drop not a switch and is covered under our drop process.

After Fourteen Days Before the Start of the Academic Term

During the last week before the start of the academic term, wait lists are fully resolved so students and teachers will start classes with stable schedules and enrollments. To promote stability, switches are generally not possible once wait list resolution has begun (fourteen days before the start of the academic term).

As wait lists are resolved, we may open seats in specific sections for new enrollments only. Though these sections will show as available (Open or Wait List) in the course catalog, these open sections are generally not available for a switch from a previously enrolled seat. These select openings are determined by the final seating after wait lists are resolved, and so they are generally only available for new (late) enrollments. If the opportunity to change your schedule just before or after classes begin is important to you, we encourage you to wait to enroll until the last week before classes start.

After the Start of a Course

Once a course begins, there are generally no switches. Exceptions are be made for unexpected relocation to a different time zone if the class time is too early or late in the new time zone. Requests to switch due to unexpected academic struggle will also be considered on a case by case basis.