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Tuition, Fees, Payments, and Refunds

As a non-profit school, we charge only what is needed to provide excellent education in a sustainable ethical business. All fees go toward running the school and teaching the classes, with no executive salaries or ownership profits. We do not have inflated fees with gimmicky discounts to coax you into hasty enrollment, and we do not run sales or have sliding prices that coerce you into enrolling prematurely to get lower rates. We want your enrollment process to be an unpressured series of well-informed deliberate decisions and commitments where you carefully consider the benefits and costs and settle all your options before you enroll.


All Fees (Summary)
Family Registration Fee
  • $75 charged once for each family each academic year enrolled.
  • Paid with first enrollment for the year.
  • Not refundable.
  • Varies per course. Tuition for each course is listed in the course catalog.
  • Assessed in standard dated increments (three increments for Full year courses; two increments for Fall, Spring, Summer courses).
  • First increment is due upon enrollment after readiness approval.
  • Each increment is non-refundable once it is due.
Wait Lists (no fees)
  • There is no fee for a Wait List.
  • However, a Wait List is your standing request for immediate enrollment if a seat opens. It authorizes TPS to enroll and invoice you without further confirmation.
  • Wait List seats may be dropped by the family at anytime without notifying or involving TPS.
  • TPS enrolls the Wait List request immediately when a seat becomes available. (Therefore, you should drop a Wait List seat immediately if you are not certain you want it.)
  • Once the Wait List request is converted to a Held Seat, the enrollment is invoiced and non-refundable fees apply immediately.
Books and Materials (Resource Fee)
  • Some courses provide the digital textbook and associated resources to all students in the course. This fee applies only to some courses and varies per course.
  • Resource Fees for each course (if applicable) are listed in the course catalog.
  • Resource Fees are assessed (due) May 15 for Summer courses, July 15 for Full Year and Fall courses, and Nov 15 for Spring courses.
  • Resource Fees, if applicable for a course, are required for the course and non-refundable as of the due date.
Refund Processing Fee:Each time you make a payment, TPS pays a transaction fee to your bank.
Applied to the refunded amount for all refunds (e.g., for overpayment).
Payments Summary
  • We prefer eCheck payments. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay/Discover).
  • Payments have standard due dates (see below). We send courtesy reminders, but it is entirely the responsibility of the family to make on-time payments.
  • All payments must be made manually online. We do not process auto-payments or payments by phone, email or postal mail.
  • There are no fees for late payments, but seats dropped for non-payment will be assessed with standard non-refundable fees.

Please see our Refund Policy.