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TPS Science – Exceptional college prep for science majors (and everyone else) Homeschool science courses satisfy high school requirements but are often not competitive for a college application. Reasons include incomplete scope… more
TPS AP Courses – Incomparably effective, uncompromisingly faithful! Why are TPS certified AP™ courses the top choice for a Christian homeschooler building a competitive college application? TPS AP… more
Be prepared and confident in Math with TPS! "This course was a perfect balance between a challenging new math class and a review of all the math I… more
Become your best writer with TPS! "Our daughter's growth as a writer through this course has been absolutely jaw-dropping. The creative knowledge-packed assignments in this course… more
Be a High Scholar, not just a high schooler! Earn 24 college credits in homeschool! “High Scholars has been awesome! It changed my perspective of the world and how… more
TPS Diploma Partnership – Homeschool competitive college apps, done! Stand out from the competitive college app crowd! TPS is a non-profit U.S. regionally accredited private online K-12 school for… more
TPS History and Literature go together like bacon and eggs! TPS History and Literature - better together! Some things just go better together, like peanut butter and jelly, or bacon… more
See What’s New for You in 2022! Here is a selected list (not entirely comprehensive) of courses that are new or have been redesigned or significantly updated.… more
TPS AP Exam scores are through the ceiling every year! Become an AP Exam top scorer with TPS! Why take certified AP courses from TPS? TPS AP students earn the… more
TPS Offers 30+ Honors Courses in Every Subject and Grade Level When you receive a transcript from TPS with “Honors” in a course title, it is supported by academically objective standards… more
Find Your Voice in TPS College Creative Writing! Enjoy writing assignments, earn college credit! Language is God’s gift to his people to help us know him deeply, reveal… more
Study African American History — from Africa to the Present Day — with TPS! Climbing the Mountain - African American History from Africa to Present Day This course is designed to introduce students to… more
TPS College Dual Credit – Affordable Credits, Flexible Options Affordable Credits, Flexible Options! TPS offers college dual credit courses in a unique way that is advantageous for students. Our… more
TPS Elementary – Full (and Fun) Elementary Curriculum Starting Grade 4! Uniquely purposeful and enjoyable elementary classes for our younger learners at home! Highlights include: Build your complete curriculum or choose… more
TPS Arts Appreciation for Young Explorers Pre-K to Grade 5 weekly video art projects plus virtual art parties! The full title of this course is History… more
Study Italian — vernacular language of music, poetry, and literature — with TPS! Italian, the language of music, poetry, and literature! Italian is the mellifluous language of music and poetry. It is the… more
TPS AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics – One course, two AP credits! Two AP credits (for the price of one)! Why take AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics from TPS? Two AP courses and… more
TPS College Contemporary World History – History That Matters Now! Study History That Matters Now! History isn't just the distant events and ideas that eventually became the present. Understanding the… more
TPS Social Studies: All God’s People "Studying for this class was a joy, and the biblical worldview with which it is taught gives history its meaning!"… more
TPS Summer Writing, Math, Study Skills Classes Get Ready for the School Year! Do you want to get a boost in writing or math for the next… more
TPS AP Environmental Science – Get out there! TPS AP Environmental Science - Fascinating, fun, and not just for science majors Exceptional and refreshing course. Combines many different… more
After Chemistry, then what? Great upper HS science courses from TPS! You survived Chemistry! What's next? U.S. states and colleges generally require a student to take two or more lab science… more
TPS Language Courses – academically excellent, culturally enriching and fun! Enjoy learning another language and culture with TPS! "Spanish with TPS is a great mix of challenge and fun. Classes… more
TPS gets math done! If your student finds math hard or if you struggle with teaching math, you are not alone. TPS teaches real… more
Dedicated TPS Writing Course for Every Grade 5 through College! Become a skilled and confident writer with TPS! " ACT test returned with a perfect score in English. Wow!" -… more
Study the Great Books with TPS! TPS studies the Great Books of Western and World Literature. TPS students read important literary works, analyze them in class… more
TPS AP Art History with dual college credit – enjoy boosting your transcript! "As an art lover and a history lover, I really liked this course! Strongly recommend it! I think everyone who… more
Enjoy Music, Play Music, Get Credit with TPS TPS offers great online music courses for all levels and interests! Listen, read, perform and even write music! All levels… more
TPS Constitutional Law – study current and landmark cases for HS credit Do you want to become a more informed citizen ready to confront major Constitutional issues in the academic and public… more
Study Graphic Arts Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with a Pro! Learn graphic arts with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop from a professional! more