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Study the Great Books with TPS!

“Shakespeare will not make us better … but he may teach us how to overhear ourselves…” — Harold Bloom

Reading novels today is usually an escape. By contrast, study of the “Classics” calls us to meet ourselves. These “Great Books” trace the origins and development of history, science, philosophy, politics, religion, culture, society and worldview. The emergence and shaping of Western freedom and individualism is found in their discourse seeking universal truths and timeless values.

TPS Lit and Comp Courses Analyze the Great Books

TPS Lit and Comp students read important literary works, analyze them in class discussions, develop their own theses from their analysis, and compose polished essays that explain and defend their thesis. TPS Lit courses are not just the typical reading, discussion, and opinion papers — our Lit and Comp courses teach and practice research, analysis, thesis, and rhetoric. Every TPS literature course also develops analytical essay writing skills.

TPS Lit and Comp courses thoroughly integrate a biblical worldview in every aspect of research, analysis, thesis ad rhetoric. But this does not mean we limit our study to “Christian” or even Western literature. We provide students opportunity to apply a biblical worldview to study and analyze impactful and influential works of the West and the world, historical and modern.

Are you preparing for a challenging college education? Do you want to understand the ideas that shaped the West and the world? TPS Lit and Comp courses give you an education that is not only world-class but also world-changing.

High School Lit and Comp Courses

Students typically take two or more English 4/5/6 courses. They may generally be taken in any order, though some sequences may be better for some purposes (e.g., preparation for a particular AP course).

Integrated History, Lit, and Comp Courses (High School Honors)

These courses each complete two high school Honors credits — an Honors English Language Arts credit and an Honors History credit.

College Dual Credit Lit and Comp Courses

Each of these TPS College (Dual Credit) courses confers one high school credit on a TPS transcript with the option of receiving three college credits on a university transcript.

College Dual Credit Integrated History, Lit, and Comp Courses

TPS offers — in exclusive partnership with Belhaven University — a “classical” style Great Books program that provides 24 college credits and 6 high school credits in two years of high school:

  • High Scholars (24 Literature, History and Composition college credits)
AP English Lit and Comp

TPS AP students are top scorers on this challenging AP® exam, so they maximize their college credit opportunities from colleges that award credit for AP exams.

TPS is authorized by the College Board to offer certified AP® courses under AI / CEEB code 470144. AP® is a trademark owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with and does not endorse these courses.

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