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TPS Honor Society

Since 1997, TPS – The Potter’s School has promoted academic excellence in education. Many years of working with thousands of TPS students have affirmed the relationship between developed character traits — like purpose, sacrifice, initiative, and diligence — and academic success. There are many reasons for this connection, some obvious and some subtle. The most basic is that all excellence, including excellence in school and other labor, is tied to character even more than it is to innate talent or ability.

Understanding the importance of good well-developed character as a foundation for excellence has prompted us to consider processes that encourage and credit development of that character. Toward that end, we formed the TPS Honor Society to promote and recognize character development through service and well-rounded academic development across all core disciplines.

What is the benefit of participation? Every year we will issue a signed letter of recognition to each student who actively participated for that entire year. The letter will outline the criteria of the award and so create an official record that goes beyond the grade report or transcript. For U.S. citizens, the service aspect of the recognition is enhanced by the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). We suggest that students include their TPS Honor Society letter(s) and their PVSA award with college, scholarship or internship applications.

TPS Honor Society Information and Requirements

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