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We’re in This Together

March 18, 2020

TPS started in 1997 as a non-profit online course provider that eventually became an independent online school with full academic support for students and families. We were the first of our kind and we are still unique. While much has changed since 1997 — and the world is changing quickly and unpredictably right now — there are at least two things not changing: (1) TPS is committed to providing you top-quality courses that integrate scholarship and a biblical worldview; (2) As a non-profit, we’re committed to making our services as affordable as we can for as many students as we can.

In these especially troubled times, we must all must work together to face shared challenges, serve shared needs, and restore shared stability. Some of us are directly and immediately affected by the medical and economic challenge; others are secondarily affected or will likely be affected later. TPS is considering all of these challenges and needs and adapting to help meet them in the belief that we are all in this together. We want you to know our current plans, and we will update you as we adapt further:

1. Special Payment Plans. These are not new but we want to remind everyone that we have no-cost SPP’s to allow you to spread out your payments to suit your needs. Just ask TPS Support for assistance.

2. Tuition Assistance. We had already just released a major update that expanded our tuition assistance, and it has turned out to be more timely under the circumstances. But we also want to remind our families that the funding for tuition assistance for our most needy students comes from all families. If everyone adds even $10 to each tuition payment or even to a couple tuition payments, we can help many more students with core classes they could not normally afford. Even in difficult times, we almost all have a little we can share.

3. Payment Reduction. In direct response to the rapid tightening of the cash economy, we are immediately and significantly reducing the amount we require to hold an enrolled seat. This increases our risk, but frees your money for your other essentials. Our current billing system needs to be significantly revised to accommodate this change, so we are doing it immediately with a special payment plan workaround followed by a larger system rebuild that we are already working to implement.

4. Tuition Reevaluation. No one knows where the larger economy will be by the time 2020-21 classes start in the fall or even the summer, but we know that prices we set for everyone in January may need to be lowered retroactively for everyone in May or August to adapt to a recessed economy. While we hope it doesn’t come to this, we want to be ready for it and we want you to know we are ready to do this if necessary so we may work together to get through tough times.

The world is changing quickly and unpredictably right now. These changes listed above are not our first nor likely to be our last adaptations to try to help share this challenge and continue to provide you top-quality courses that integrate scholarship and a biblical worldview from a non-profit approach.

As part of We’re In This Together, TPS is providing or sponsoring a growing list of free services and special support:

TPS Graduation 2020 Goes Virtual! – Same memorable ceremony, new venue. Graduate with us!

TPS T-shirts and Hoodies Fundraiser – All profits go to help families experiencing financial hardship.

Get Kids Moving! – Weekly online exercise classes for kids (and anyone else) from Coach Matt Geraghty

Together in Prayer – What happens when students pray continually? Let’s find out!

From Solitude, With Love – Weekly messages of hope and encouragement from Bible teacher Dr. John Juneman