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Audit and Drop Options

Audit Option

If a student would like to benefit from the instruction and feedback of a particular course but not do all the work associated with that course, we will on a case-by-case basis consider an Audit option for that course. In the Audit option:

  • Student participates in the class and submits any work (e.g., reports, papers, exams) from the regular assignment schedule that the family wants evaluated.
  • Teacher will evaluate and provide feedback on any regular work submitted on time.
  • Teacher will grade submitted items to the same standard for all students, without making special grading standards for an incomplete assignment submitted by a student auditing the class.
  • TPS will not provide a semester grade or final grade, and provides no transcripted credit for an Audit course.
  • Audited class does not count as a prerequisite for a follow-on course in TPS, so a student who had audited a prerequisite course would have to pass applicable placement requirements to take a follow-on course, or would have to obtain special permission from the follow-on course’s teacher to accept the audited course as a prerequisite.
  • AP courses will generally not be approved for Audit. TPS College courses are not eligible for dual college credit if the Audit option is applied.
  • There is no reduced price for an audited course.
  • Teacher and TPS must approve the Audit option. Send email to TPS Support to request this.
  • Audit option requests are approved at the discretion of the teacher and TPS. Audit option requests will generally not be considered after:
    • Summer course (6 class weeks): No restrictions
    • Full Year course (32 class weeks): Saturday at end of class week 24
    • Fall or Spring Term course (16 class weeks): Saturday at end of class week 12

Because students taking a class in an audit status may be less likely to take a follow-on course, we will accept non-audit students in priority over audit students, and we generally will not enroll Audit students until after August 1 (June 1 for summer classes).

Drop Option

We prefer to avoid drops because they hinder enrollment planning and course quality management, and increase overall costs for everyone. Drops can usually be avoided (by planning) or mitigated (by switches, deferrals, or other beneficial alternatives).

We encourage research and planning prior to enrollment. We provide sufficient information and interaction opportunity that you may know what you need to know before enrolling. We discourage pre-decisional enrollment and contingency enrollment while pursuing other options. We plan sufficient seating (and options for opening additional seats) so it is unnecessary and unproductive for you to hold a seat until it you are fully decided. We design our courses and academic processes with features and options to help families maintain continuity of education during major changes such as relocations, medical accommodations, career change, natural disasters, family tragedy and hardship, and more.

Course drops before class starts are subject to the following provisions and conditions:

  • Prior to processing a drop request, we will calculate the Reservation (Drop) Fee , identify non-refundable Resource Fees, and offer alternatives to avoid or mitigate the fees.
  • In processing a confirmed drop request, we consider the student’s courses and schedule as it they will become after the drop(s). If the resulting arrangement is one that we would not currently offer that student in our academic, enrollment, or seat management priorities, we reserve the right to drop additional classes (with no fees) that we no longer want to offer or approve for that student in the new academic or seating arrangement created by the drop(s).
  • In processing a completed drop request, we review the enrollment and course completion history for the student and family. If the review shows a history of uncompleted courses or avoidable drops, we may place a notification in the student or family account that prompts interaction prior to enrolling from the cart so we can better assist with enrollment planning, timing, and management.

Course drops after class starts are subject to the above provisions and conditions plus the following:

  • For a dropped course, all assignment and grade data is removed and inaccessible.
  • No partial credit is available, regardless of when the course is dropped.
  • Reservation (Drop) Fees are applied and modified based on prorated tuition.
  • Resource Fees associated with a course are non-refundable.
  • Drop requests are approved at the discretion of TPS. Send email to TPS Support to request this. When the drop request is not approved but the student stops participating, the student is given zero’s for any unsubmitted work, and TPS grade reports and transcripts will reflect the course grade accordingly.
  • Drop requests will generally not be considered after:
    • Summer course (6 class weeks): Saturday at end of class week 2
    • Full Year course (32 class weeks): Saturday at end of class week 16
    • Fall or Spring Term course (16 class weeks): Saturday at end of class week 8