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Obtaining Books, Materials, Labs and Other Resources

Where is the list of required books and materials for each class?

In the Course Catalog details for each course there is a Resources and Materials section that lists the major items you need for each course (the lists are in the Course Catalog details so families can review and research the materials requirements before enrolling). Each list distinguishes between required and recommended items, and between items you must purchase and items supplied by the teacher. ISBN numbers are provided for all books and media, to help ensure you purchase the correct version of the correct item. Unless otherwise indicated, you must obtain the exact ISBN or part number specified.

Where can the books and materials be obtained?

You may usually purchase items from anywhere you prefer. For special-price, special-bundle, unique or obscure items, the Resources and Materials list will provide a recommended or required merchant. For one-stop-shopping convenience, wider format options (paper text, etext, loose-leaf text, used text), buy-back options and overall peace of mind, we recommend you shop first at eTechCampus, the third-party seller that lists and stocks TPS books and materials by course, and ships worldwide.

eTechCampus also manages digital licenses for TPS. TPS works with major publishers to bring state-of-the-art media-rich resources to our classes. These require digital licensing, and eTechCampus is equipped to manage sale and distribution of digital licenses for the courses that use them. This is a significant service to students for obtaining and accessing these resources that are not usually available to the home education community.

TPS bookstore powered by eTechCampus

Many on-line “schools” are actually publishers and curriculum sellers offering classes to sell their own products. TPS is not one of those. TPS is free to choose the best academic choice of books and digital materials for each course, and TPS makes $0 from the texts and materials. We contract with a third-party consolidator to stock and sell the books and materials for our courses, and our contract applies 100% of “commission” on the revenue to reducing the prices of the books and materials.

Starting 2019-20, TPS has contracted eTechCampus to be our bookstore. In a competitive search we found that eTechCampus had a wider range of formats, more effective processing of digital licenses, lower shipping rates, clearer buy-back options, better customer service, wider international support and other advantages that we hope will benefit TPS families.

The TPS bookstore opens in May once the books are stocked. When it opens, TPS sends an announcement to families already enrolled for the upcoming school year.