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Obtaining Books, Materials, Labs and Other Resources

Where is the list of required books and materials for each class?

In the Course Catalog details for each course there is a Resources and Materials section that lists the major items you need for each course (the lists are in the Course Catalog details so families can review and research the materials requirements before enrolling). Each list distinguishes between required and recommended items, and between items you must purchase and items supplied by the teacher. ISBN numbers are provided for all books and media, to help ensure you purchase the correct version of the correct item. Unless otherwise indicated, you must obtain the exact ISBN or part number specified.

Where can the books and materials be obtained?

You may usually purchase items from anywhere you prefer. For special-price, special-bundle, unique or obscure items, the Resources and Materials list will provide a recommended merchant.

TPS makes extensive use of digital courseware. These on-line resources include downloadable e-textbooks along with multimedia learning resources  and activities. These are usually not available to homeschoolers because they require licensed connection to a digital course on the textbook publisher’s server, and so the complete courseware is available only to schools. Where TPS integrates digital courseware into a course, the e-textbook and digital license will be included in the course fees and TPS will provide activation code or login information on the first day of class.

Due to high mark-ups and limited service, TPS no longer works with directly with any preferred external booksellers to stock books for TPS courses. We provide critical hard-to-obtain textbooks as e-texts, and then students who prefer paper texts are free to obtain them from any source at whatever condition and price point they choose.