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Do TPS classes use cameras?

Do I need a camera for class?

TPS does not use cameras for classes. We have used them in the past, and our current technology allows for their use, but we do not use them.

  • Live class time is limited and cameras have proven to be a distraction with little or no academic gain. We want to keep students focused on the interactive class content being shown by the teacher, not on watching cameras or showing their own camera.
  • Camera use degrades security and increases safety risk. We serve thousands of minor (under 18 years old) students every day, and we prioritize their safety and security. Adding camera options to our many rooms would significantly increase the safety risk with no academic gain.
  • Camera use would divide the TPS student community into “haves” and “have-nots” where the students with fast connections and good cameras would be able to dominate classes and meetings. We value a student community where everyone can participate fully and equally.
  • Camera use considerably increases bandwidth, processor and memory requirements. Our classrooms are  designed to reach remote and closed locations on low-end devices with an interactive experience where other conferencing applications currently cannot reach.

Because they provide little academic gain and add considerable risk and expense for families, TPS currently has no plans to include cameras into our classrooms.

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