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Grade Record Requests

This information is for high schools, colleges and other organizations requesting grade records. Families seeking details about transcripts and diplomas should go to the Transcripts and Diplomas page.

TPS releases records only by direct written request from the student (18 years or older) or parents (students under 18). There are three options for records from TPS:

Self-print Grade Report – Family prints their own Grade Report and forwards it. Use this option only if you do not require independent verification of the courses and grades.

Signed Grade Report – TPS will email a verified and signed Grade Report on letterhead in PDF format. There is a nominal processing fee for the family, and processing takes less than a week. We recommend this option to all schools and other organizations seeking an official Grade Report.

Accredited Transcript (signed and sealed) – North Atlantic Regional High School, accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, will provide an accredited transcript for TPS courses. This option is more expensive for the family and initial preparation of the transcript may take several weeks. It provides the same information for the same courses as a Signed Grade Report. Unless the accredited seal is absolutely necessary, we recommend that high schools and colleges accept the signed Grade Report.

Please contact the family or student and let them know what type of report you require and what email address to use. The family or student will contact TPS ([email protected]) to make the request.