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Learning Accommodations

TPS can support learning accommodations that do not require the course content, standards, or schedule to be adjusted, or the teacher to perform extra instruction or tutoring. Supportable accommodations include extended testing time or use of a local reader for testing.

TPS is not equipped to support accommodations that require the content, evaluation standards, or due dates to be changed, and teachers are not expected to perform extra instruction or tutoring under their TPS contract (teachers are free to tutor under separate contract, as long as academic integrity and equitability standards are not compromised in the TPS course).

Requests for academic accommodation must be made in writing to TPS Support (not to the teacher). All requests must be supported by medical or certified learning specialist written reports and recommendations. TPS will coordinate with the teacher to determine feasibility and approval. If the course is an AP course, the request must include written approval from the College Board for the same accommodation on that AP exam. if the course is for college credit, the request must include written approval from college offering the credit.

When a learning accommodation is provided in a TPS course, this will be clearly documented on TPS grade reports and transcripts.

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