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Payment Schedule

Unless you arrange a special payment plan, your tuition and fee payments are due on a standard schedule. These fees and the standard payment schedule are explained here.

Family Registration Fee. Integrating each family into our programs for a new academic year requires some staff time even if that family has been with us before. Therefore we charge a registration fee for each family, including returning families. This fee is $60 and is due with the initial tuition payment.The Family Registration Fee is due for both new and returning families with the initial tuition payment and is not refundable unless we are unable to offer any of the requested seats.

We understand the financial challenges of having multiple students in school at the same time, particularly for large families. Therefore, we do not charge student registration fees. You can enroll as many students as you want without additional charges.

Payment Dates. Payments dates for a course are based on the start and end dates for the course. We generally require 1/4 of the course’s tuition upon enrollment, another 1/4 about a month before the course starts, and the remainder during the first half of the course. For courses shorter than 16 weeks, we require complete payment about a month before the course starts. Based on these considerations, tuition invoice dates are:

Summer Term: (1) Enrollment (2) May 1
Full Year Term: (1) Enrollment (2) Aug 1 (3) Oct 1 (4) Dec 1
Fall Term: (1) Enrollment (2) Aug 1
Spring Term: (1) Enrollment (2) Dec 1

Payment is due within 10 days after invoice date. Special academic terms will other dates, depending on the class start dates. Special Payment Plans will replace these dates.

We invoice by email, when payments are due. We also send multiple invoice reminders for missed payments. If payments get more than two weeks overdue without our written agreement of new due dates, we may block a seat and eventually drop the seat (and charge applicable drop fees).

Payment Plans. We are sensitive to the challenge of paying in full for multiple classes at one time, so our standard payment dates spread payments out as much as we can while still meeting our commitments to paying teachers on time. Families with unique financial situations can request a customized payment plan, at no additional cost. We must approve payment plans in writing for them to be valid. In that case, we also adjust email invoices and reminders to match the payment plan.

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