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Referral Credit

Refer Friends

Refer friends to TPS and you may receive tuition credit. Here’s how it works:

  1. A family new to TPS enrolls in classes and sends an email to [email protected] naming you as their referrer (please give them your TPS family account number or email address to help us identify you).
  2. In early fall, TPS makes note of the courses being taken successfully by your referral and calculates a referral credit based on the tuition cost of the courses. This credit is applied to your account to be used to pay your tuition.

Present TPS to a Group

Are you part of a homeschool group with students who may be ready for TPS? Or are you a speaker or presenter to homeschool groups? Let us know your proposal for making a presentation and we will provide you information and materials to aid your presentation (please allow us time to ship materials to you in the continental U.S. by routine shipping). You will gain referral credit for new family enrollments that cite you as their referrer (as explained above). Contact [email protected] for more information.