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SAT Subject Tests

The College Board offers SAT Subject Tests that provide external validation of knowledge in specific subject areas. TPS offers courses that have proven successful (based on students reports) in preparing students for the tests in the subjects we teach (TPS does not teach all of the foreign languages that have SAT Subject Tests). Below is a list of SAT Subject Tests with the corresponding TPS course(s) that must be taken to cover the material on that test.

Students wishing to take an SAT Subject test should first take the course and do well in it, and should also study for the test using a study guide book. The teacher of each TPS course can provide a list of areas that are not fully covered by the course so the student can focus on these areas in the supplemental study process.

According to information provided by U.S. upper-tier colleges, SAT Subject Tests may have the following benefits:

  • Depending on the college, SAT Subject Tests may be required for all applicants, or only for applicants to certain programs, or only for certain categories of applicants. Some colleges require them specifically for homeschooled applicants.
  • For homeschooled students, SAT Subject Tests may be used to validate transcripted course work that is not accredited or authenticated by other standardized tests (AP, SAT, or ACT). When used for this purpose, colleges are generally seeking a minimum of one standardized test to validate each subject area.
  • Some colleges use SAT Subject Tests for placement purposes, awarding credit for high school course work based on specific Subject Test scores. For some colleges, SAT Subject Tests may also be used along with the SAT in place of the ACT.
  • Even when not required, SAT Subject tests may be used to highlight student proficiency and accomplishment for the application process.

SAT Subject Tests may be required, recommended, or considered as delineated by each college’s admissions policies. Please check the specific policy of any college(s) you are considering, including specific requirements for homeschooled applicants.


Literature – TPS English 4/5 Lit Survey and Composition (Honors) – 95% coverage


Math Level 1 – TPS Geometry and Algebra 2 – 100% coverage
Math Level 2 – TPS Geometry, Algebra 2 and Precalculus (Honors) – 100% coverage


Biology E/M – TPS Biology (Pre-AP Honors) – E 90% coverage / M 95% coverage
Chemistry – TPS Chemistry (Pre-AP Honors) – 98% coverage
Physics – TPS Physics – 98% coverage


U.S. History – TPS U.S. History for High School – 100% coverage
World History – TPS World History and Cultures – Under Review


Spanish / Spanish with Listening – TPS Spanish 4 – 100% coverage (Spanish 3 for less coverage)
French / French with Listening – TPS French 4 – 100% coverage (French 3 for less coverage)
German / German with Listening – TPS German 4 – 100% coverage (German 3 for less coverage)