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TPS Visual Arts Courses

As the world becomes increasingly digital, even traditional artists are incorporating a functional knowledge of graphics and photographic skills. Students wishing to pursue more commercial or technical applications like engineering, commercial design, architecture, advertising/graphics, illustration, video game design, digital art, and/or animation must also have a working understanding of digital illustration. In addition, an understanding of photographic principles enables future artists to create their own references and images of traditional finished pieces for promotion and exposure. Even for students who wish to keep their art as a side interest, the ability to create, shoot, edit, and incorporate digital images of personal art are necessary to create and maintain an online presence via a website or blog. All of these forms use the same vocabulary and concepts when composing a visual image or work of art.

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TPS Visual Arts Curriculum Chart

Suggested Art and Art History Sequences

Our art courses not only teach skills and help students build their portfolios, but they help students worship and reflect their Creator through creative Art.

Grades PreK-3
Arts Appreciation for Young Explorers

Grades 6-8
Art and Artists

Grades 9-12 Art 1
Art 1 – 2D Design (one semester)
Art 1 – Drawing 1 (one semester)

Grades 9-12 Art 2
Art 2 – Drawing 2 (one semester)
Art 2 – Painting 1 (one semester)
Art 2 – 3D Design and Sculpture (one semester)

Grades 11-12 Art 3
Art 3 – Advanced Portfolio (one semester)

Advanced Placement (AP)
AP Art History (College Art Appreciation)

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “Art” category in our Course Catalog.

Suggested Digital Graphics Art Sequence

TPS has a Digital Graphics Art program taught by a professional graphics artist for students who are enthusiastic and serious about graphic arts!

Grades 9-12
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

To find more details on these and related courses, please select the “Digital Graphics” category in our Course Catalog.