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“This course has helped me build on the knowledge and skills that I learned in English 2. The course covers a variety of topics from writing and research to poetry and film. For writing, the tireless instructions and feedback from the teachers really helped me to write coherently and analytically. In the various short stories and books that we read, I discovered how the authors’ backgrounds influenced their writing while also seeing the different character types and symbols in the works. Through the films, I learned how directors use production design, cinematography, and other film elements to present the movie’s theme. English 3 gave me much more freedom in writing than English 2 and compelled me to become a stronger, more independent writer. Lastly, I think that the best part of this course was the teacher who enthusiastically taught us and answered our questions in great detail. She truly helped me to understand all of the content and constantly encouraged me to improve my writing. I recommend this course to all who want to improve their reading and writing skills.”