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“This was the last and best high school English class I’ve ever taken. I’m not just saying that — I really mean it. It provided a lot of opportunities to discuss and think about deep and fundamental issues, while also providing rigorous essay assignments and grading, which really pushed me to another level as a writer. All of the books we read had unbelievable amounts of depth, and our teacher didn’t shy away from diving into topics like the meaning of justice, the journey to true happiness, the purpose of science, the industrial revolution, the problem of evil, and much more! Our teacher also spent a large part of class time discussing how to properly structure a paper, edit for errors, and ultimately write powerfully and persuasively. The prompts forced me to really think about deep issues and form solid arguments on the topic. Once submitted, I received more notes on each of my papers than I think I’ve ever had. And almost every time, the criticism was something 100% valid and taught me a lesson that I applied to my next paper. If you’re a student or parent who just wants the easiest path to graduation, I’d avoid this class. Students who don’t engage will likely leave with bad grades. You can get a much easier A elsewhere. I DO RECOMMEND THIS CLASS if you want to be a clear thinker in unthinking times. I do recommend this class if you want to write and discuss with clarity and persuasion, unlike the mindlessly yelling mobs and talking heads that surround us. If you want to grow in your understanding of God’s word, world, and the great story He’s been telling, take this class. You’ll get what you came for. I sure did.”