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“Having been with TPS for almost three years, I have loved it greatly. The teachers are amazing — so understanding and fun — and on the way I have made so many friends who are hardworking students and friendly classmates. Personally, English is one of my favourite subjects in TPS. Having done English 2 this year, I’ll admit, it was a blast! Although the essays and annotations were stressful at some point in the journey, persevering is so worth it and rewarding! I highly enjoyed all the chosen books for the class with so many fun and meaningful adventures that inspired me in my own creative journey of writing and generally me as a person. With a great teacher and fun classmates, the year went by with barely a feel of drag. I highly recommend this course to everyone — lover or hater of English — and no matter what skill level they are at, this course will definitely improve their skill in some way or the other.”