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Read what others have to say about TPS and our courses. Use the dropdown to show a sampling of all the testimonials or filter to get a sampling for each subject. Select “TPS” to see general comments. Visit our Subject Catalog to learn more about the curriculum and core courses for each subject.

Subject Catalog

“My first TPS class was Writer’s Workshop in 6th grade. I proceeded to take four more years of TPS English, among other courses, before attending a rigorous college prep boarding school and then Wheaton College, where I majored in (you guessed it) English. My TPS courses set me up exceptionally well for a successful academic experience by teaching me not merely quality course content, but also independent study skills. Though I never would have guessed it back in 6th grade, it only makes sense that I’ve returned to TPS as an English teacher, passing on those same lessons and skills to the next generation.”

Linnea G (teacher, alumnus)

“I would wholeheartedly recommend TPS English 1. My writing has improved tremendously because of this course. I do not fear writing anymore, and I feel more comfortable when I sit down to write. The teachers for this course are absolutely awesome. They took the time go over the material in detail and to encourage me. TPS English 1 is a great course for anyone struggling and uncomfortable with writing, as well as those who just need to polish their skills.”

Michael G (student – English 1)