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“My experience with this course and teacher has been nothing other than wonderful! The course goes at a good pace so that the last weeks of the course are a comprehensive review for the AP exam, including several full practice AP tests, free response practice, and in-class review/practice. This course helped me know exactly what to expect on the AP test and how to be prepared for it. This course also gave me a strong mathematical base as I pursue an undergraduate degree in the STEM field.”

Rachel C (student – BC Calculus)

“This class really helped me grasp the concepts that I needed. I used to think that math was so hard and I would never need it, but it turns out that you need math for everything you could ever do from being an artist to an actor to even a photographer. This class helped me to see that math isn’t an annoying subject that everyone has to take, but it is a fun tool that is essential to your life. The teacher was great and made learning the different methods of math enjoyable and easy through games and fun websites. I would totally recommend this class for your student!”

Nadia G (student – Math Accelerated 6)

“Thanks to my excellent training in TPS Math, I earned a perfect score of 800 on my SAT Math 2 Subject test.”

Nathan S (student)

“In TPS Geometry I learned so much, and my teacher made it easy to understand. I needed to start to get ready for college, and I’m achieving my goals with TPS…”

Lizzy M (student – Geometry)

“We had a lot of raised voices and constant nagging for our older kids to do their math. We have dragged out the math year through many summers. We have switched math curricula more than we have children! Then our fourth student took math through TPS this year and lo and behold, she LOVES math! We are definitely continuing with math through TPS!”

Sue W (parent)

“TPS has changed the way I look at math. I have taken three math courses with different teachers, and all of the teachers have been encouraging, fun, and very helpful! They employ memes, songs, and funny drawings to help me wrap my mind around hard concepts. Before TPS I struggled immensely with math, but now math is no longer my GPA nemesis!”

Carolyn C (student)

“I just finished a precalc course at community college. Only a couple students out of about 30 finished with A’s, and I had a 96. I was also able to help the college-age students understand the material and pass the class. They were all shocked that I’m only 16 and a HS Junior…”

Georgia S (student – Algebra 2)

“This course engages the critical thinking side of math as well as the math formulas. Before taking this course, I took math from a different curriculum that only taught how to put the answers on paper; now I truly understand what I’m doing.”

Wade S (student – Pre-Algebra)

“Although statistics is a challenging subject, I feel I received all the help and resources I needed to better grasp each concept. We were given College Board AP resources, assignments, and projects that all worked to deepen our understanding. We were given many opportunities to practice with AP exam questions so that my confidence only grew as the year progressed to take the AP exam.”

Sabina M (student – AP Statistics)

“I started TPS taking Algebra. Before taking the class, math was hard and stressful for me. I hated it! This year, finishing Algebra, I have realized that I have come to understand math. TPS teachers were supportive and willing to help me.”

Geneva M (student – Algebra)

“I’ve never come out of an AP course feeling more prepared for the AP exam. Although AP Calculus AB required a lot of time and effort, none of it was wasted. The teacher is thorough and engaging, and the classes are interactive. All in all, I wouldn’t change a thing about this course!”

Micah H (student – AB Calculus)

“I love this class! It’s perfectly-paced and the teacher is awesome. I’ll admit, when I started TPS two years ago I pretty much hated math. But now I actually enjoy learning about it and figuring out how to solve problems! I would definitely recommend TPS Math!”

Emma S (student)

“This program is just right for students in 6th grade and my teacher has been the best math teacher I’ve ever had. Even though I never really liked math, I love this class and honestly recommend it to any 6th grade student wanting an amazing math class.”

Zion R (student – Math Fundamentals 6)

“I have been in TPS Math from Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus, and the teachers do a wonderful job of teaching and explaining the concepts. When a student has a question, or does not understand something fully, the teacher will help the student to fully grasp the concept before moving to another part of the lesson. Additionally, whenever students have homework questions, the teacher will be sure to go over the question and help the students. I am well prepared for college and beyond because of the rigorous structure of TPS Math.”

Elyse G (student)

“Our students have taken TPS English and Math (and more) starting at elementary age. We love the rigor of the courses and the biblical worldview. We have seen fabulous SAT Reading/Writing test scores (750 out of 800, in grade 8) and Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test (800 out of 800!). We plan for our youngest to start TPS English and Math as soon as he is old enough.”

Kim H (parent)

“I loved this course because it was so thorough with the concepts. The material was challenging, but the teacher did an excellent job teaching it.”

Garrett H (student – Precalculus)