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Read what others have to say about TPS and our courses. Use the dropdown to show a sampling of all the testimonials or filter to get a sampling for each subject. Select “TPS” to see general comments. Visit our Subject Planner to learn more about the curriculum and core courses for each subject.

“This class is interesting and informative. What I really appreciated about this class is the focus on not only astronomy but also on apologetics. It is taught from a Christian worldview.”

Katherynn P (student – Astronomy)

“I really enjoyed this class and learned lots of cool stuff. It made me want to study science more. I look forward to taking the other Elementary Science next year.”

Angelina B (student – Elementary Science)

“TPS AP Biology gives exceptional instruction and has prepared me well for the AP exam. The teacher is funny, engaging, and presents concepts in an understandable way. I have enjoyed this class and learned so much about God’s creation of life.”

Faith B (student – AP Biology)

“As someone who wants a career in the health field (but unsure what specific occupation), this class was crucial and incredibly helpful for me to get some knowledge of the human body and its systems so I could narrow down what my interests are. My parents (who are both in the medical field) were amazed that our class covered the details that we did. In addition, the information we learned was both deep and helpful; I did not feel like I was learning too much or in too much detail.”

Leilani W (student – Anatomy and Physiology)

“Enthusiastic teacher who clearly loves his subject. Class is rigorous, as any AP class is, but carefully planned out according to the text material.”

Matthias H (student – AP Biology)

“This course is such a blessing to me. I used to hate science, but now physical science is my favorite subject! The teacher was so encouraging, and all the assignments were fun and helpful. The class also prepared me to write lab reports. I’m definitely going to continue science with TPS!”

Grace W (student – Physical Science)

“This course is extremely fun. It was incredibly informative and I learned a lot. I learned things I had not known before and I learned new aspects to things I already knew. I have always loved marine life and animals in general but I learned so much more about marine resources, marine life I didn’t know as much about, and performed experiments I hadn’t before. The teacher is the best teacher I have ever had and she is really good at encouraging and answering questions. She is very good at answering questions in and out of class and is just really fun to have as a teacher. She makes things lively and I don’t feel like I am just in a lecture but rather that I am experiencing the ocean at my kitchen counter. It is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in anything marine.”

Sadie C (student – Marine Biology)

“The teacher makes the class interesting and enjoyable even though there is a lot of difficult stuff to learn. The class is really in depth and challenging, which is important for those pursuing a science career or for those who love science. This is not an easy class, but it is definitely worthwhile.”

Madison J (student – Biology (Pre-AP Honors))

“Through this course I learned how many of the different components in computers or electronically powered machines work. I also learned a lot about how each individual piece works in the real world and how I could use it to build my own things.”

Jamin S (student – Electronics)

“Great course and great teacher! There are multiple opportunities to do projects, experiments, and even lab reports throughout the school year. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about motion, electricity, atoms, weather, and many other wonderful things God has given us!”

Caleb N (student – Physical Science)

“Teacher explains each lesson clearly and in detail, and does practice problems in class. He explains how each equation is derived, and why the answer requires which unit. I was prepared and confident when taking the exams because of the detailed discussions from class.”

Mara K (student – Physics)

“Anyone fascinated with crime investigation and the objective aspect of it will devour this class. It covers almost every aspect of investigating crime, focusing on the individual fields of study, including roles, and the courtroom process itself.”

Gabrielle S (student – Forensic Science)

“I can truthfully say that AP Physics has been my favorite class of the year, despite the fact I’m more inclined towards literature arts. I highly, highly suggest you take this course. There’s only a couple sections each year, so you want to get a seat before they run out of spots!”

Peter R (student – AP Physics)

“This course made biology interesting and fun. I used to hate science, but now it’s my favorite subject because this class gave me chance to ask questions, watch interesting videos, and learn so much about the world around me and just how complex and amazing it is.”

Caroline H (student – Life Science (Honors))

“This is such a great course! It is in depth and has not only enriched my understanding of biology but also prepared me well for the AP Exam. The content is engaging and I highly recommend this course for students who are seeking a rigorous course that will challenge them and are interested in learning more about the cellular and molecular processes within biology!”

Emily S (student – AP Biology)

“Exceptional and refreshing course. Combines many different standard science courses into one: physics, chemistry, earth science, some human sciences regarding demographics and health, and statistics. This incorporation of different sciences then is put under the lens of environmental science, learning extraordinary new things on the base of old subjects. Teacher is also very experienced in the environmental science field and can explain questions that the textbook cannot, so the student is not only prepared in knowledge for the AP exam, but also learns in a dynamic and interesting way.”

Keziah S (student – AP Environmental Science)

“This course greatly added to my knowledge of biology and will be a huge help in going into college with a strong background in biology. It was very interesting and helpful to learn the AP curriculum mixed with a Christian worldview on topics such as global warming and evolution. The course was very challenging, but not impossible and I was able to keep up with all the assignments for this class along with my other classes while not feeling too overwhelmed. It prepared me well for the AP exam by practicing for the test all year.”

Bridget H (student – AP Biology)

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking AP Physics this year and I feel very prepared for the AP exam! I recommend this course for three principal reasons: the academic rigor of this course, the interactive classroom atmosphere, and the abundant study materials and resources. For those students and parents that want an academically rigorous course, this AP Physics will not disappoint. Although this was my first year taking courses with The Potter’s School, I have taken online courses for the past six academic years and I can confidently say that I have been in few classroom atmospheres that match this course’s caliber.”

Elliott J (student – AP Physics)