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“Eastern Empires is a wildly exciting course taught by an equally exciting and amusing teacher. For history geeks who feel like they’ve already learned everything that is to know, this is the class for you. The course topics are unique and insightful, and really give you an understanding about various cultures. Definitely recommend!”

Grant R (student – Eastern Empires)

“This course shed a whole new light on History and English for me. Rather than just throwing out a bunch of names, dates, and facts for rote memorization, this class focused on truly understanding the history and the reasons behind the history. As we traced important events and movements throughout the years, we discovered how each event connected with the others and the causes and effects of these events. At the end of the school year I found myself amazed at how perfectly everything we learned fit together. We were able to trace the historical and cultural developments in literature and see the connections between the two. Rather than just knowing that the history happened, we actually studied and discussed it and truly learned to understand it. Additionally, this course matured my writing in ways I never expected. We learned to go beyond the basic five paragraph essay and explored new and deeper methods and styles of writing. This class taught me in a fun, engaging, and effective way, and was truly one of my favorite TPS experiences.”

Olivia B (student – Modern History, Literature and Composition)

“This class has not only provided me with a better understanding of ancient history, but has broadened my way of thinking and of viewing the world through a fun and interesting process. I would recommend this class to others because it not only captures the beauty of this history, but also gives us an understanding of life in that time period.”

Emma W (student – Ancient History)

“I really enjoyed this class. This is not only an AP test prep class, but also a full high school U.S. history course. I take the AP test soon and I feel well-prepared. I appreciated the weekly video segment to help us specifically on writing AP essays. We also went beyond the textbook in class discussions which were super interesting and helped me gain more perspective on U.S. history.”

Susannah G (student – AP U.S. History)

“One of my favorite classes this year. I was challenged in both of my research papers, but I took it step by step and was very satisfied with the end result of the essays. The guideline for the research papers were very smooth and helpful in the process of writing. The assignment was stretched out over several weeks and gave week-to-week instructions so as to help me achieve the best essay I could write.”

Nate C (student – U.S. History for Middle School)

“I thought this course would be extremely difficult, but it was easy to follow and the teacher gave great feedback. Classes were lots of fun and didn’t feel like work. And my knowledge of World History has greatly improved!”

Alan J (student – AP World History)

“I was a student who needed a U.S. history credit, but was not interested in a generic U.S. history class. When I saw that U.S. Military history was an option I jumped at it. The class fully lived up to my expectations! I enjoyed it extremely, the workload was not too heavy and I could easily balance it with my other classes. The teacher always kept the lectures interesting with new, amazing material each week. Sometimes documentaries were assigned for us to watch… some short, some long, but they were not boring at all. Even the longest two hour video kept my attention the whole time! I had not learned or known anything about military, weapons, or wars, but that did not hinder my grades or learning. I would recommend this class to anyone that wants something a little different for their U.S. history credit! I loved it!”

Nyah R (student – U.S. Military History)

“This course was awesome. I came into the course knowing too little about U.S. Government, and I left it feeling like my knowledge on the subject had increased 100-fold. The teacher does an excellent job teaching the material, and makes class time enjoyable. If you’re not afraid of hard work and want an awesome overview of American Government and Politics, then I highly recommend this course!”

Zaid A (student – AP U.S. Government and Politics)

“I would recommend this course for anyone interested in counseling or anyone who desires to grow in their understanding of people (themselves included). This course not only gives you a window into the different areas of psychology and different disorders, but it also equips you with deeply biblical thoughts on counseling, psychology, and life in general.”

Chiara B (student – Psychology and Counseling from a Biblical Perspective)

“I took TPS History courses in high school. I am now going into my senior year of college as a history major. I recently had the opportunity to study for a semester at the University of Oxford. For my final seminar paper I wrote an extension of the final paper I wrote for TPS World History. For the Oxford paper I was able to research original documents at the National Archives in London. I then presented that paper at the Phi Alpha Theta Conference (U.S. national history honor society). I am applying for the Fulbright Scholarship to get my masters in England and I plan to go on to get my PhD. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me in high school.”

Lauren B (alumnus)

“From the first class, I knew that I chose the right course. I loved the class environment and how much student participation there was. Also, I enjoyed the literature and history texts that we read. It was engaging and very interesting. I learned so much from the feedback and comments, and through that process I have become a much better writer.”

Gabriela Z (student – American History, Literature and Composition)

“This course is great! I learned more about U.S. History in this course than I thought possible. The class time is mostly discussion, which I found really helpful. The homework is not too bad. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and learned a lot!”

Halena H (student – U.S. History for High School)

“This course is a great way to get both English and History. Yes, there may be two classes per week, but the homework is less than what it would be if you took English and History separately. And the teachers are AMAZING.”

Isaak J (student – Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation History, Literature and Composition)

“Not a course typically seen for high schoolers. Very interesting studies on the Constitution and its laws, and challenges the student to analyze cases differently by writing legal briefs.”

Melissa B (student – Constitutional Law)

“This course taught me so much about economics while keeping me interested and excited. Great teacher. The projects throughout the semester were helped me see how the economy works. There is not a lot of work, but you learn so much information about a crucial subject.”

William P (student – Economics)

“I really liked this course because it gave me a nice overview of other countries outside the United States and their history, climates, and cultures. Plus a great teacher!”

Deborah B (student – Geography for High School)

“Unlike history courses I have taken in the past, World History is so comprehensive, and it brought to life just how relevant things that happened in the past are to today! I learned so much about the significance of events, and I have become more interested in history. Studying for this class was a joy, and the biblical worldview with which it is taught gives history its meaning!”

Eunice T (student – World History)

“Before taking this course, I had enjoyed history in the past, but never really applied it to modern life. However, this course takes you through thousands of years of history, and connects each part to Christ, and to life today. I learned so much, and the patterns of history I can now see everywhere. Not only did history become wildly more fascinating, it also became a key part of my understanding of the way society works today.”

Jenna D (student – College Western Civilization)

“I never thought this class would teach me so much about the way the world is working today. In a practical way, economics has helped me put more thought into decisions involving my spending and jobs. The government portion, on the other hand, has done very well at laying out the function of our government for me. However, I mostly enjoyed this class because of the discussions of present day events, as we talked about the best ways they should be handled. All in all, it has been very insightful and fun.”

Reilly K (student – U.S. Government (Civics) and Economics)

“Excellent introduction to psychology that thoroughly examines the five common perspectives of psychology and applies them to different concepts discussed in the course; the additional research and assignments compliment and expand the psychology text well. Meanwhile, the Biblical comparison between certain psychological terms and ideas was insightful and built my faith. I was eager to take a psychology course, and this class exceeded my expectations. Now I am focusing my major in college on Psychology courses, perhaps pursuing a Psychology minor, and hoping to use psychology in my career. I would highly recommend this course if someone wants to pursue a career in psychology, or just desires a taste of the fascinating field.”

Abby J (student – College Psychology)

“I really enjoyed the reading material that we covered in this class. It was very interesting and made learning about the topics fun.”

Elle B (student – Elementary Humanities: History and Literature of the United States)

“The lively in-class discussions helped me better understand the big issues confronting our society and understand how and why our legal system is where it is today. I am a much more informed citizen and can read legal decisions for myself.”

Nathan Y (student – Constitutional Law)

“This course really teaches a lot! This remarkable class taught me about important people, kingdoms and empires. We also learned a lot of new vocabulary! The class gave me a full picture of life in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome. Sometimes, we even played review games to go over our last unit! People might say history is boring, but in reality it can be fun.”

Benjamin W (student – Elementary Humanities: History and Literature of the Ancient World)