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“I loved this course because it was so thorough with the concepts. The material was challenging, but the teacher did an excellent job teaching it.”

Garrett H (student – Precalculus)

“I really enjoyed this class. This is not only an AP test prep class, but also a full high school U.S. history course. I take the AP test soon and I feel well-prepared. I appreciated the weekly video segment to help us specifically on writing AP essays. We also went beyond the textbook in class discussions which were super interesting and helped me gain more perspective on U.S. history.”

Susannah G (student – AP U.S. History)

“My experience with this course and teacher has been nothing other than wonderful! The course goes at a good pace so that the last weeks of the course are a comprehensive review for the AP exam, including several full practice AP tests, free response practice, and in-class review/practice. This course helped me know exactly what to expect on the AP test and how to be prepared for it. This course also gave me a strong mathematical base as I pursue an undergraduate degree in the STEM field.”

Rachel C (student – BC Calculus)

“I can truthfully say that AP Physics has been my favorite class of the year, despite the fact I’m more inclined towards literature arts. I highly, highly suggest you take this course. There’s only a couple sections each year, so you want to get a seat before they run out of spots!”

Peter R (student – AP Physics)

“My older sister took Bible Survey last year and was always raving about it to me, telling me how much she was learning and what a fabulous teacher she had. Because of her positive experience with it, my mom signed me up for the class. I can honestly say it has changed my life. The textbook used for this class offers interesting and easy-to-understand information about the Bible, and the teacher’s instruction makes Scripture come alive in an interesting and personal way. One of my favorite things about the class is how we don’t just learn about the Bible, we learn how it applies to us and how we can use what we learn to glorify God, love others, and become more mature in Christ.”

Sarah M (student – Bible Survey)

“One of the beauties of TPS is that the homeschooling parent can listen in on the class (while tending to other duties) and know how to support the student in his or her pursuit of academic excellence. Teachers are quick to respond to any concern the student or parent has and often answer within 24 hours! Homework is submitted online and comes back with detailed feedback that is personalized for the student. Before we started with TPS, I was afraid it would be very impersonal. How wrong I was! Teachers address students by name throughout the class and students come to know each other through the chat bar. Best of all, I know my children are under the care and instruction of a loving, Christian teacher who models prayer and godly standards in every aspect of the class.”

Miam D (parent)

“I never thought this class would teach me so much about the way the world is working today. In a practical way, economics has helped me put more thought into decisions involving my spending and jobs. The government portion, on the other hand, has done very well at laying out the function of our government for me. However, I mostly enjoyed this class because of the discussions of present day events, as we talked about the best ways they should be handled. All in all, it has been very insightful and fun.”

Reilly K (student – U.S. Government (Civics) and Economics)

“I thought this course would be extremely difficult, but it was easy to follow and the teacher gave great feedback. Classes were lots of fun and didn’t feel like work. And my knowledge of World History has greatly improved!”

Alan J (student – AP World History)

“As a student who has been a homeschooler for my entire life, I can say with great ease that TPS is the absolute greatest way to educate online. I have been through many, many curriculums but none come close to what TPS provides.”

Turner L (student)

“Unlike history courses I have taken in the past, World History is so comprehensive, and it brought to life just how relevant things that happened in the past are to today! I learned so much about the significance of events, and I have become more interested in history. Studying for this class was a joy, and the biblical worldview with which it is taught gives history its meaning!”

Eunice T (student – World History)

“From the first class, I knew that I chose the right course. I loved the class environment and how much student participation there was. Also, I enjoyed the literature and history texts that we read. It was engaging and very interesting. I learned so much from the feedback and comments, and through that process I have become a much better writer.”

Gabriela Z (student – American History, Literature and Composition)

“This program is just right for students in 6th grade and my teacher has been the best math teacher I’ve ever had. Even though I never really liked math, I love this class and honestly recommend it to any 6th grade student wanting an amazing math class.”

Zion R (student – Math Fundamentals 6)