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Ethan B (Student)

“Out of all the English/Writing courses I have ever done, this one, by far, exceeds all. The course forces students to step out of their comfort zones and challenges them to find their voices as writers. For those looking for the best class to strengthen their writing abilities, look no further!” Ethan B (student – … Read more

Natalie A (Student)

“This course changed the way I view writing and the power of words. The teacher chose a wonderful collection essays for us to read during the week, and our in-class discussions always provided a gateway to deeper conversations about literature, etymology, and even theology or philosophy. These energetic discussions and lectures always lifted my spirits … Read more

Alyssa K (Student)

“Why would I recommend AP Lit and Comp? Oh let me count the ways… Actually I think I’ll narrow it down to a couple main reasons: 1. Literature analysis – honestly I saw this class less as AP Test Prep and more like AP Book Club. We spent the entire year diving deep into difficult … Read more

Kaitlin L (Student)

“In just two semesters I’ve seen myself grow so much in how effective I am at formulating a true argument. The teacher gives excellent and specific feedback and tips regarding how to improve upon a student’s writing, leading me personally to not only be better at how my arguments “sound,” but also in how I … Read more

Hannah M (Student)

“…my ACT test returned with a perfect score in English. Wow!” Hannah M (student)

Lisa F (Parent)

“TPS English teachers have improved my daughter’s writing not only in English courses but also in other high school and college courses. She consistently receives high marks and college-level writing comes easily to her because of the training she received from her TPS teachers.” Lisa F (parent)

Amanda M (Alumnus)

“Leaving TPS, I was well-prepared for my college level writing courses and today I am the go-to proofreader at work.” Amanda M (alumnus)

Rachel C (Student)

“The College Composition class has greatly improved my writing this year. I came in with little confidence as a writer and found myself very nervous about the class. The teacher worked to help me increase my confidence and to provide feedback that elevated my style of writing. After this class, I now feel ready to … Read more

David C (Student)

“Advanced Composition takes a writer and gives him experience and ability. It first focuses on improving the basic writing skills necessary, then moves on to the fun part of growing him as a writer. I disliked writing before I took this course; now I love it.” David C (student – Advanced Composition)

Gabriel B (Student)

“TPS English has been a giant blessing for me. Not only is the environment safe, fun, and godly, but the curriculum and teaching style I have experienced makes the courses the most enjoyable and instructive classes I’ve ever taken. I used to earn consistently low grades in writing, but after just a couple short years … Read more