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Sadie C (Student)

“This course is extremely fun. It was incredibly informative and I learned a lot. I learned things I had not known before and I learned new aspects to things I already knew. I have always loved marine life and animals in general but I learned so much more about marine resources, marine life I didn’t … Read more

Peter R (Student)

“I can truthfully say that AP Physics has been my favorite class of the year, despite the fact I’m more inclined towards literature arts. I highly, highly suggest you take this course. There’s only a couple sections each year, so you want to get a seat before they run out of spots!” Peter R (student … Read more

Elliott J (Student)

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking AP Physics this year and I feel very prepared for the AP exam! I recommend this course for three principal reasons: the academic rigor of this course, the interactive classroom atmosphere, and the abundant study materials and resources. For those students and parents that want an academically rigorous course, this AP … Read more

Madison J (Student)

“The teacher makes the class interesting and enjoyable even though there is a lot of difficult stuff to learn. The class is really in depth and challenging, which is important for those pursuing a science career or for those who love science. This is not an easy class, but it is definitely worthwhile.” Madison J … Read more

Angelina B (Student)

“I really enjoyed this class and learned lots of cool stuff. It made me want to study science more. I look forward to taking the other Elementary Science next year.” Angelina B (student – Elementary Science)

Caleb N (Student)

“Great course and great teacher! There are multiple opportunities to do projects, experiments, and even lab reports throughout the school year. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about motion, electricity, atoms, weather, and many other wonderful things God has given us!” Caleb N (student – Physical Science)

Caroline H (Student)

“This course made biology interesting and fun. I used to hate science, but now it’s my favorite subject because this class gave me chance to ask questions, watch interesting videos, and learn so much about the world around me and just how complex and amazing it is.” Caroline H (student – Life Science (Honors))

Grace W (Student)

“This course is such a blessing to me. I used to hate science, but now physical science is my favorite subject! The teacher was so encouraging, and all the assignments were fun and helpful. The class also prepared me to write lab reports. I’m definitely going to continue science with TPS!” Grace W (student – … Read more

Leilani W (Student)

“As someone who wants a career in the health field (but unsure what specific occupation), this class was crucial and incredibly helpful for me to get some knowledge of the human body and its systems so I could narrow down what my interests are. My parents (who are both in the medical field) were amazed … Read more

Mara K (Student)

“Teacher explains each lesson clearly and in detail, and does practice problems in class. He explains how each equation is derived, and why the answer requires which unit. I was prepared and confident when taking the exams because of the detailed discussions from class.” Mara K (student – Physics)