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TPS Law Series – Rights, Responsibilities, and Freedoms

Students interested in law enforcement, civil service, politics, or civic engagement — including speech and debate — will enjoy this series of courses.

  • Street Law (Fundamentals of Law) – This course is an engaging survey of the major areas of the law, including criminal law (crimes against persons and property, criminal procedure), civil law (torts, contracts, family law) and civil rights (freedom of speech, press, religion). Its goal is to give students a better understanding of the laws that govern our daily lives and social interactions. Students will learn the law and its implications through case studies of current legal issues. Students will analyze legal questions in discussion and in writing, as well as engage in debate and some mock trials…
  • How to Get Away with Murder (Trial Law) – Alexander Hamilton once described the Constitutional right to a trial by jury as a “valuable safeguard to liberty” and “the very palladium of free government.” Why is this right considered a crucial safeguard to our free society? What happens if we lose it? Using skills from the TPS Street Law course, this course delves into the tantalizing inner workings of a criminal trial. In this interactive class, students will learn how a case is proven and how a criminal can get away with a crime…
  • Constitutional Law – Constitutional law deals with the fundamental principles by which government exercises its authority. This area of law focuses on what the Constitution says, what specific laws mean, and what limitations exist. Students will also analyze how legal and historical precedent influences current debates on the freedoms of speech, press, and religion; rights to vote, assemble, bear arms, due process, privacy; protection from unreasonable searches and seizures…

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