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TPS Diploma – Academic Excellence with Confidence (and Peace of Mind)

Any student of any nationality living anywhere in the world — including independent (home educated) students — can earn an accredited TPS high school diploma and a transcript recognized around the world.

Diploma Options

Would you enjoy peace of mind knowing you are providing the best college preparation and building the best high school transcript for your individual student? As an independent student (i.e., not registered with a state school, including “homeschooling”), you may earn a high school diploma with worldwide recognition. TPS serves students worldwide (75+ countries) and in every U.S. state. Starting in 1997, we have built worldwide recognition with a reputation for academic excellence. Our diplomas are recognized and respected nationally and globally.

Even if you prefer to confer your own diploma (e.g., as homeschool parents), you may still fully benefit from the expert planning guidance and academic support with the TPS Diploma. It can function as your secondary diploma so you still award your diploma at graduation, while you you enjoy confidence and peace of mind every year through graduation knowing you are providing the best college preparation and building the best high school transcript for your individual student.

In TPS you are welcome to take your courses a la carte and receive an accredited transcript for the individual courses you complete successfully, but we also encourage you to consider the added academic benefits and reduced costs of the TPS Diploma program option. Benefits of the TPS Diploma program include:

  • Worldwide recognition and unequaled reputation for academic excellence. Satisfies general academic U.S. and international requirements for high school graduation and can be adapted to meet specific requirements unique to a state or country. (May not satisfy specific regional eligibility requirements for special programs, financial aid, scholarships, or other local, regional, or specialized applications.)
  • If you prefer to confer your own diploma (e.g., as homeschool parents), a TPS Diploma does not interfere — it can function as your secondary diploma with all the benefits while you still award your homeschool diploma (or both) at graduation.
  • Academic adviser assists each year with selecting courses for best high school preparation and then the strongest high school transcript tailored for the student’s goals and talents. Build your best transcript with our nearly 250 high school credit courses, including honors, college dual credit, and AP courses.
  • Priority enrollment for approved courses (including wait listed and limited enrollment courses). Additional support with complex scheduling and higher priority in wait list seating.
  • Course drop fees are waived or reduced for course changes made in coordination with the academic adviser.
  • Transcript processing fee waived for grade 11/12 transcript(s) (the one(s) sent to colleges). (TPS processing fee is waived. Delivery and postage fees may still apply.)
  • Guidance and support in the college application process, including school recommendations.
  • As an option, TPS will act representationally as your school for competitive college or scholarship applications or official state forms that require or benefit from this representation.

TPS offers two levels of high school diploma — standard and honors. Both generally require the student to have taken most core courses through TPS for all four years of high school. Every student who joins our diploma program is assigned an academic adviser from the start. Each academic year the diploma plan adviser will assist with (and approve) course selection, coordinate scheduling and wait list resolution, and provide guidance for transcript record-keeping and preparation for college application. If you are considering the TPS diploma program, please use this Academic Advising Background Information form (to download the form document, right-click the link and “Save link as…”) to make the initial request for a meeting to discuss options for your individual student(s).

About TPS (

  • Online classes since 1997
  • Grades 4 to 12
  • Complete curriculum or à la carte
  • Live interactive classes
  • Top scholarship + biblical worldview
  • Timely effective teacher feedback
  • AP® courses with top scores
  • College dual credit courses
  • High Scholars program (24 college credits)
  • Accredited transcripts
  • Diploma (standard or honors) option
  • NCAA approved