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TPS gets math done!

“I have been in TPS Math from Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus, and the teachers do a wonderful job of teaching and explaining the concepts. When a student has a question, or does not understand something fully, the teacher will help the student to fully grasp the concept before moving to another part of the lesson. Additionally, whenever students have homework questions, the teacher will be sure to go over the question and help the students. I am well prepared for college and beyond because of the rigorous structure of TPS Math.” Joseph F (student)

If your student finds math hard or if you struggle with teaching math, you are not alone. Math is hard for most parents to manage and for many students to learn well. This is why homeschool math texts and programs are simplified and reduced in scope. TPS doesn’t offer simplified or reduced-scope math. TPS teaches real math effectively and successfully. Students work hard, see success, and go to the next level fully prepared to see success again, all the way through high school or even college-credit math. TPS math students are fully ready for upper high school math, science, and SAT/ACT tests. TPS math students get to college fully prepared to do well in their courses that require a math background.

  • TPS offers an integrated coherent math program from grades 4 through college-credit Calculus.
  • Each TPS math course has two levels: a standard level and an accelerated or honors level.
  • High school and college credit math courses include digital resources, videos, and more to enhance home study.
  • Elementary students doing well in TPS Accelerated Math may skip Pre-Algebra to make room for more college-credit math in late high school.
  • After Algebra 2, choose the math you need for college: Quantitative Reasoning, Statistics or Precalculus.
  • Dual college credit in Precalculus (3 credits), AP Calculus AB (3 credits) and AP Calculus BC (up to 6 credits)
  • TPS AP Calculus students are top scorers (5 is our most common score) on the AP exams.
  • Optional one-on-one tutoring available for our math students in our math courses (paid on a per-sessions basis, so you pay for only what you need).

TPS teaches real math effectively and successfully for the diligent student. TPS doesn’t make math easier for every student, but TPS gets math done!

“Thanks to my excellent training in TPS Math, I earned a perfect score of 800 on my SAT Math 2 Subject test.” – Nathan S (student)

More information, including a chart of math course options by grade level

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  • Online classes since 1997
  • Grades 4 to 12
  • Complete curriculum or à la carte
  • Live interactive classes
  • Top scholarship + biblical worldview
  • Timely effective teacher feedback
  • AP® courses with top scores
  • College dual credit courses
  • High Scholars program (24 college credits)
  • Honors courses
  • Accredited transcripts
  • Diploma (standard or honors) option
  • NCAA approved