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TPS History and Literature go together like bacon and eggs!

History and Literature – better together

Some things just go better together, like peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and anything (because bacon goes with everything these days). History and Literature share a long relationship as the core “Humanities” or “Great Books” and it is natural to study them together. TPS offers integrated History and Literature at every grade level 4-12, including honors and college dual credit.

“The fact that the information you learn throughout the year is used simultaneously is ridiculously helpful! Rather than balancing two separate schedules or working through separate texts, this course gives you a single schedule for both history and English as well as streamlining the workload by utilizing your in-class texts for both classes.” Trent E (TPS high school student)

High School

  • TPS offers three courses that span ancient to modern periods, plus one course dedicated to American (U.S.) History and Literature.
  • Each course is two full high school Honors credits: English and History.
  • Each course teaches writing: The English is Literature and Composition.
  • Integration makes total workload lower than equivalent English and History courses taken separately.

“From the first class, I knew that I chose the right course. I loved the class environment and how much student participation there was. It was engaging and very interesting. Also, I enjoyed the literature and history texts that we read. I learned so much from the feedback and comments, and through that process I have become a much better writer.” Gabriela Z (TPS high school student)

Grades 9-10

Grades 10-12

“This course is a great way to get both English and History. Yes, there may be two classes per week, but the homework is less than what it would be if you took English and History separately. And the teachers are AMAZING.” Isaak J (TPS high school student)

Elementary and Early Middle School

  • TPS offers three courses that span regions and time periods that fascinate young learners everywhere.
  • Reading, Literature, and History, done! One integrated course each year with live teaching, discussion, and evaluation to make your homeschooling more educational for your kids and easier for busy parents.
  • Pair with TPS Writing Fundamentals courses that specialize in teaching and developing early writing.

Grades 4-6

Grades 5-7

“This course really teaches a lot! This remarkable class taught me about important people, kingdoms and empires. We also learned a lot of new vocabulary! The class gave me a full picture of life in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome. Sometimes, we even played review games to go over our last unit! People might say history is boring, but in reality it can be fun.” Benjamin W (TPS elementary school student)

High School Dual College Credit

Provided in partnership with Belhaven University, High Scholars is a Western Civilization humanities curriculum offered exclusively by TPS. This classical program integrates study of history, literature, composition, and art appreciation (with AP Art History option) — a two-year “Great Books” curriculum which provides a total of 6 high school credits and 24 college credits. It emphasizes discussion and dialogue over memorization of information, and the efficient integration of content allows for a lower workload than if similar courses were taken individually. Each year is taught in four live classes per week. The program does not require any prior classical humanities background and is taught at an academic level that welcomes students who are ready for TPS English 4/5 (grade 10 and up) but who prefer an integrated classical approach to humanities.

  • High Scholars (24 Literature, History and Composition college credits)

“This course shed a whole new light on History and English for me. Rather than just throwing out a bunch of names, dates, and facts for rote memorization, this class focused on truly understanding the history and the reasons behind the history. As we traced important events and movements throughout the years, we discovered how each event connected with the others and the causes and effects of these events. At the end of the school year I found myself amazed at how perfectly everything we learned fit together. We were able to trace the historical and cultural developments in literature and see the connections between the two. Rather than just knowing that the history happened, we actually studied and discussed it and truly learned to understand it. Additionally, this course matured my writing in ways I never suspected. We learned to go beyond the basic five paragraph essay and explored new and deeper methods and styles of writing. This class taught me in a fun, engaging, and effective way, and was truly one of my favorite TPS experiences.” Olivia B (TPS high school student)

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