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Study Italian — vernacular language of music, poetry, and literature — with TPS!

Italian, the language of music, poetry, and literature!

Italian is the mellifluous language of music and poetry. It is the language of Dante, many great operas, and great renaissance vernacular literary works. It is considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and so it is also enjoyable to learn and speak.

TPS Italian 1 Language and Culture is a first Italian language course for students who have no prior knowledge of spoken or written Italian. The goal of this course is to build and strengthen student’s confidence, and increase enthusiasm and interest in learning the Italian language and culture.

The teacher is a native Italian speaker who was born and raised in the city of Bologna (Italy). She has her teaching degree from one of the oldest universities in Europe. She has taught Italian, History and Geography in elementary public schools in Italy and in the U.S.

See the Italian 1 Language and Culture course description and details in the TPS course catalog.

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