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Two Essential Skills for Success in High School and College

Academic success in high school — and in college preparation — depends on two essential skills. Almost all high school coursework is built on these two pillars. Almost all high school grades, including SAT/ACT scores, depend on the academic foundation laid in these two areas: Analytical essay writing and Algebra/Geometry.

Analytical Essay Writing

Students often read a lot, and some write quite a bit too. And writing may even be graded. But most students receive little direct instruction in writing, and so their writing skills are limited to what they can improve from comments on their papers.

The #1 reason TPS must turn some students away from HS English and Social Studies courses is underdeveloped analytical essay skills.

TPS teaches (not just evaluates) writing in every level from grade 4 through college English.
— TPS students continually develop and practice analytical essay writing skills at every English course level.
— Students who take TPS English through high school are rated by their colleges as among the best writers in their freshman class.

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Algebra + Geometry

Algebra and Geometry are the supporting pillars of all the math leading to Calculus and the physical sciences. TPS has reviewed (and keeps up with) pretty much all the math curricula you have heard of and some you have not. We found that in almost all of them the Algebra and Geometry are not providing a solid foundation for upper high school math and science, or for maximizing SAT/ACT performance.

The #1 reason TPS must turn some students away from upper high school math and science is underdeveloped Algebra or Geometry skills.

TPS teaches a thorough math curriculum with good conceptual emphasis in grades 4 through college math.
— TPS offers two levels (Standard, Honors) of every math course, where both levels are sufficient to lay a strong foundation for the rest of math, science, and standardized tests.
— Students who take TPS Math through high school are fully ready for any math-dependent courses they encounter in college.

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Don’t wait to find out too late that your student does not have a strong enough foundation in analytical essay writing or Algebra and Geometry. Build your strong writing and math foundation with TPS English and TPS Math.

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