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TPS AP Courses – Incomparably effective, uncompromisingly faithful!

Why are TPS certified AP™ courses the top choice for a Christian homeschooler building a competitive college application?

  • TPS AP students earn the highest AP Exam scores so they gain the most competitive rankings with colleges and earn the most widely useful college credit.
  • Some TPS AP courses offer college dual credit without taking the AP exam.
  • TPS AP courses are live interactive classes with frequent teacher evaluation and feedback. (Students with time zone or scheduling conflicts may request to take TPS AP courses partially or entirely by recording with live attendance and participation reduced or waived.)
  • TPS AP courses incorporate dedicated exam preparation and practice throughout the course.
  • TPS AP courses integrate a biblical worldview.

You will not find all these features anywhere else.

TPS 2016-2022 AP™ Exam Scores

  • 50% 5 (top score)
  • 70% 4 or higher
  • 90% 3 or higher

Why are these numbers important to you?

  • Each of your AP exam scores contributes to a competitive ranking for you in your college applications, where higher is more competitive.
  • Your AP exam score also determines the amount and type of credits you may receive for your exam from a particular college.

Why take AP exams — why not just get credit for the AP course?

If you are considering competitive colleges and scholarships, an AP course without the AP exam will not strengthen (and may even weaken) your application.

Don’t all certified AP courses teach you the same material to prepare you for the same exam?

The certification does not review or endorse the actual content of instruction, assignments, or evaluation. The certification does not consider the AP® exam preparation or effectiveness.

Which AP courses (and exams) should you take each year of high school?

A good general strategy is to plan your AP courses and exams across all four years of high school so that you are targeting 4/5 scores in the courses where you want to stand out as most competitive, and earning scores of at least 3 in the others.

Plan your best strategy to become an AP exam top scorer, earn maximum college credit, and build your most competitive college application.

About TPS (
  • Online classes since 1997
  • Grades 4 to 12
  • Complete curriculum or à la carte
  • Live interactive classes
  • Top scholarship + biblical worldview
  • Timely effective teacher feedback
  • AP® courses with top scores
  • College dual credit courses
  • High Scholars program (24 college credits)
  • Honors courses
  • Accredited transcripts
  • Diploma (standard or honors) option
  • NCAA approved