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Dedicated TPS Writing Course for Every Grade 5 through College!

“…my ACT test returned with a perfect score in English. Wow!” – Hannah M (student)

“TPS English teachers have improved my daughter’s writing not only in English courses but also in other high school and college courses. She consistently receives high marks and college-level writing comes easily to her because of the training she received from her TPS teachers.” Lisa F (parent)

“This course greatly improved my writing by adding rules and direction to the skills I already possessed. Before this class, my writing was not bad; however, this class taught me how to really polish the final draft. I would definitely recommend this class to any student seeking to improve his or her writing.” – Anna J (student)

TPS started in 1997 teaching writing and math. Over twenty-five years later, these are still our distinctive areas of excellence.

  • The feedback we receive most frequently from our TPS English grads is that they are confident writers when they get to college, and they write better than their peers.
  • Underdeveloped writing skills is still one of the biggest issues we see in students joining TPS.

Though all students “learn to write”, not all are expertly and systematically taught to write by a master teacher.

Though all students “learn to write”, not all are expertly and systematically taught to write by a master teacher. Even when there is some writing instruction, it is rarely continued through high school. TPS provides expert systematic writing instruction at every course and grade level.

Elementary Writing

Many elementary writing courses are fun, but most are not especially purposeful and are only marginally effective. TPS’s elementary writing courses are enjoyable and purposeful, and proven effective at getting young learners their best individual start in writing.

  • Writing 5 Adventures – Great first writing course with thoughtfully designed enjoyable assignments that engage a young learner while carefully building essential foundational skills for writing.
  • Writing 6 Exploration – Continues the process of building essential skills through engaging assignments. Students are ready to step up to middle school writing by the completion of this course.
Confident Composition (Middle School and Early High School)

Academic writing is most effectively learned integrated with analytical reading (literature, source documents). From Grade 7 up, most TPS English Language Arts courses are “Lit and Comp” courses where the analytical reading and writing are integrated.

However, for some students, taking a dedicated writing course in middle school or early high school is a better academic fit for their curriculum or their needs.

  • A dedicated writing course is well-suited for for grade 7 or higher students concurrently in a literature-based humanities (e.g., “classical”) group who want to develop their writing with an expert teacher.
  • A dedicated writing course is helpful for students whose writing is less developed due to earlier lack of direct instruction. It is also suited for reluctant writers who have basic skills but lack confidence.

TPS offers the Confident Composition series to support students needing a dedicated writing course in middle school and early high school.

Honors Level (High School)
College Dual Credit
  • English 5/6 College Composition – This course is designed based on multiple “freshman comp” courses taught by U.S. colleges. Earn three college credits in this class and probably (depends on your college) place out of your required freshman comp course (open to grades 11 and 12 only).
Advanced Placement (AP®)
  • AP English Language and Composition – TPS students earn top scores of 4 and 5 (mostly 5) on the AP exam after this course. AP exam success (3, 4, or 5 — depending on your college) usually places you out of freshman comp at college.
Summer Preparation

These summer courses prepare you for the school year without getting in the way of your summer vacation.

Don’t just practice writing and hope to learn from experience — benefit from dedicated writing instruction from an expert TPS teacher. Keep learning to write throughout high school. TPS writing courses will send you to college as one of the best writers in your class!

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