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Dedicated TPS Writing Course for Every Grade 5 through College!

“…my ACT test returned with a perfect score in English. Wow!” – Hannah M (student)

“TPS English teachers have improved my daughter’s writing not only in English courses but also in other high school and college courses. She consistently receives high marks and college-level writing comes easily to her because of the training she received from her TPS teachers.” Lisa F (parent)

“This course greatly improved my writing by adding rules and direction to the skills I already possessed. Before this class, my writing was not bad; however, this class taught me how to really polish the final draft. I would definitely recommend this class to any student seeking to improve his or her writing.” – Anna J (student)

TPS started in 1997 teaching writing and math. 20+ years later, these are still our hallmarks. The feedback we receive most frequently from our TPS English grads is that they are confident writers when they get to college, and they write better than their peers. Underdeveloped writing skills is still one of the biggest issues we see in students joining TPS. Though all students practice writing, not all are systematically taught to write, especially by an expert teacher. Even when there is some writing instruction, it is rarely continued through high school. TPS teaches writing from elementary through early college level — we have expert writing instruction at every level and grade. While every TPS literature course also deliberately teaches composition skills, the courses listed below are dedicated to teaching writing (no literature) with expert instructors.

Elementary School

Writing 5 Adventures – Great first writing course.

Writing 6 Exploration – Excellent final preparation for middle school writing.

Middle School

English 1 Confident Composition – Focus on just the writing to get a strong start in middle school

English 2 Confident Composition – Excellent final preparation for high school writing.

High School

English 3 Confident Composition – Boosts you to HS level writing even if you get to HS a little under-prepared.

English 4/5/6 Advanced Comp – Style and Rhetoric – Our premiere writing course that our grads call “the one writing class you need for college.”

Dual College Credit

English 5/6 College Composition – Earn three college credits in this “freshman comp” class.

Advanced Placement (AP®)

AP English Language and Composition – TPS students earn top scores of 4 and 5 (mostly 5) on the AP exam after this course.


These summer courses sharpen you for the school year. You can take any of them more than once and gain more each time.

Writing for Elementary School

Writing for Middle School

Writing for Early High School

Writing for Upper High School and College

Don’t just practice writing — learn to write with TPS from an expert teacher. Then keep learning to write in all of your high school English courses. TPS English courses will send you to college as one of the best writers in your class!

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