Fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

TPS Distinctives and Hallmarks

Discipleship | Scholarship | Excellence: this has been our standard for nearly three decades. Established in 1997, TPS is the original online school with synchronous (“live”) classes for homeschool and independent students worldwide. As home schooling and online education have developed, we have refined our service, enhanced our worldwide reputation, and expanded our capabilities to steadfastly provide our students academic, social, and service opportunities that are distinctively excellent in faith and scholarship.

Flexible Enrollment

A student may enroll in one course or multiple courses. AP and college dual credit courses may be enrolled with reduced or waived attendance (i.e., by recorded classes) to accommodate time zone or schedule conflicts. We also offer a diploma partnership option available for students who enroll full-time. We provide the same excellent individual courses to all students. Diploma Partner students receive enhanced support in preparing competitive college and scholarship applications.

Adjustable Credit

Each of our courses may be taken for TPS credit or without our credit. The TPS Credit option is required only if you want the TPS transcript for the course. If you plan to use your own homeschool transcript for the course (or if no transcript will be needed), you may adjust certain requirements for assignments and exams to suit your individual standards and goals without the TPS credit. (To comply with College Board requirements, certified AP courses must be taken for TPS credit.)

Live Interactive Classes

Our classes are taught live (synchronously) using conferencing designed specifically for online learning (i.e., not social meeting tools poorly adapted to school) with audio, video, interactive slides, a shared whiteboard, and other interactive presentation tools (cameras are not required). Regular live participation is generally required. TPS AP courses and college dual credit courses may be taken by recording only (attendance relaxed or waived) to support time zone and schedule constraints.

Integrated Biblical Worldview

TPS is a private Christian school. Our teachers and staff affirm a creedal statement of faith and our courses thoroughly integrate a biblical worldview. We do not require students or parents to affirm our statement of faith, except for students in positions of school activity leadership. Students, parents, teachers, and staff must abide by a conduct code that is part of the enrollment agreement.

Exceptional Writing and Math

All our courses are carefully designed to standards and objectives that prepare students for college and career. Writing and math — the primary tools for academic progression and development — are especially difficult to teach effectively. The TPS writing and math programs and courses are the most effective you will find anywhere at every level, with a worldwide reputation for excellent academic preparation sustained for 20+ years.

Dynamic Faith and Character

Christian faith is not a prerequisite for enrolling, but developing and building Christian faith and character is a dynamic priority for TPS. We offer courses in Bible history, Bible survey, Bible writings, theology, worldview, apologetics, and more. We also provide dynamic extracurricular faith enhancing opportunities like weekly chapel, worship, devotions, prayer groups, and more. Our staff and teachers meet regularly to pray for specific requests and needs of our students.

Active Social and Relational

School should be more than just classes and homework. It should be a rich opportunity make friends with common interests and enjoy getting to know people from other areas and cultures. School should include hanging out after class, studying together, worshipping together, getting involved in clubs, posting your yearbook page, writing for the school newspaper, and more. TPS uniquely provides all of these opportunities plus other student life and faith activities. Being an online school does not limit our social and relational opportunities — it enhances them because we bring together students from all 50 U.S. states and more than 70 countries.


Live online classes since 1997
200+ courses grades 4 to 12
Adjustable credit requirements
Timely effective teacher feedback
Biblical worldview
Academic advising and planning
Diploma partnership option
AP® courses with top exam scores
College dual credit courses
Honors courses
Delightful instructive elementary classes
Clubs and social opportunities
Accreditation and certifications
NCAA approved courses
CA A-G approved courses