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Teaching Opportunities

TPS is an academically rigorous online school for independent and home educated students worldwide. TPS is a registered employer in all 50 U.S. states, offering competitive pay and benefits to its teachers. TPS can also employ or contract teachers from other countries, depending on tax treaties and contract laws. TPS teachers are a mutually cooperative team where each teacher has academic expertise in his or her subject(s) and passion for teaching as profession and ministry. TPS establishes academic and technical standards, and teachers apply their academic expertise to content, delivery and evaluation. TPS handles administration, billing and technical matters, allowing teachers to focus on instruction and evaluation.

Would you like to teach with The Potter’s School? We contract based on academic year, but we interview year-round so that when we have an opening we may look first to teachers currently contracted or interviewed within the past year. The requirements for a TPS teacher are:

  • Expert in the subject matter. Expertise may be gained through study, experience or a combination of the two. TPS is happy to work with young teachers or new teachers who have experience or expertise plus a passion to teach in the area of study. Specific certifications are not required, but a masters degree (18+ graduate hours in the subject) is required for courses that offer college credit.
  • Demonstrated teaching talent, including live instruction and discussion, effective feedback, and evaluation to high academic standards for college preparation. Timely individual feedback and evaluation to globally-recognized college-preparation standards is a primary aspect of teaching with TPS.
  • Integrate subject matter expertise with biblical worldview in a coherent academic approach to teaching and evaluation. TPS considers that a biblical worldview and high academic standards are compatible and achievable in every subject.
  • Strong trinitarian Christian faith with a clear testimony. All teachers must sign our statement of faith. TPS values all people as created equal before God, and respects world cultures past and present. Our teachers must be able to respectfully teach major ideas and viewpoints from an academic perspective that stands on a trinitarian Christian foundation without divisiveness or favoring personal doctrinal, political or cultural preferences.
  • Innovative. Online teaching is a rapidly-developing field with continual opportunities for new ideas and approaches to delivering interactive content and evaluating learning outcomes.

Does this sound like you? If so, please provide the following (in .doc, .docx, or pdf format — no cloud documents or other formats will be processed, sorry) to [email protected]:

  • List of courses for which you would like to be considered to teach. They can be either courses we already offer or ones we don’t yet offer. If we don’t offer it, please include a brief description of the courses you would like us to consider.
  • Brief explanation of your background (education, training, experience) as it pertains to the courses you listed above.
  • Please give us a sense of the minimum pay you are seeking (so we may assess if we have enough work to meet your needs).
  • Please let us know your time zone and which days per week you can consider regularly teaching a class between 8 am and 3 pm US ET.
  • We may later ask you for recommendations, and you are welcome to include them, but we don’t require them in the initial inquiry.
  • Brief Christian testimony and discussion of how and why you became a Christian and of your current faith experience (i.e., your “Christian walk”).

After the initial discussion, we will ask for the following items:

  • For new course proposals, we need to see a rough written proposal that includes: description, topics, teaching and evaluation objectives, assignment types and schedule.
  • For teachers new to TPS, we will provide you some sample work to evaluate (feedback and grading) for us to review.
  • For teachers new to TPS, we will ask you to meet with a currently contracted teacher so you may ask questions and gain an experienced TPS teacher’s perspective prior to making this decision.

We have a high teacher return rate but also healthy growth process, so core course teaching opportunities open fairly regularly but usually start part-time. We concentrate on contracting the next school year in December through mid-February, but we welcome applications anytime. We are always interested in discussing courses we don’t currently offer. Courses and qualifications of particular current interest to us include:

  • AP Computer Programming (Java)
  • Arabic
  • CADD
  • History and Culture of the Middle East
  • Sociology
  • Photography / Videography
  • Personal Finance
  • Electronics
  • AP Chemistry
  • We’ll consider any course pitched with expertise and passion. 🙂

If you’re ready to teach with us, please let us know!