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Fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

2023-24 Enrollment Starts Feb 7

AP and College Dual Credit course (including High Scholars) enrollment open Feb 7 for all students. TPS AP and College courses offer flexible scheduling with recordings for students with time zone or schedule conflicts.

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Build your short range or long range academic plan for a single subject or multiple subjects. Discover courses you may not know about to meet your requirements, goals, and interests.

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Browse, search, filter, and compare our nearly 200 courses. Get all the details for courses of interest. You may also enroll directly from the Course Catalog. (2023-24 catalog is currently being built. It is incomplete, but you are welcome to watch its progress.)

Certified AP® Courses

Enrollment Open Feb 7

Top AP exam scores for highest college placement and credit • Flexible scheduling with recordings for students with schedule or time zone conflicts • Direct college credit without the AP exam for some courses • Biblical worldview

College Dual Credit

Enrollment Open Feb 7

Full-year top-quality live classes taught by dedicated expert teachers invested in your success • Flexible scheduling with recordings for students with schedule or time zone conflicts • College credit and fees optional for you to decide late in the course

High Scholars “Great Books”

>> 24 College Credits <<

Enrollment Open Feb 7

Great Books curriculum studies western literature, history, and art history from ancient to contemporary historical periods • Great Conversation with interactive classes including regular “round table” discussions • Two-year curriculum, 12 college credits per year • Only four classes per week with flexible scheduling for students with schedule conflicts to miss up to half of the classes • TPS grade 10 and up

Summer Classes

>> Relaxed <<

Writing, math, and study skills classes to prepare you for the coming year or fill gaps from the prior year • Relaxed attendance and assignments so you can also enjoy your summer break

Featured Courses

Courses and features you may not know to look for or ask about.


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