About TPS

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Fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

Fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

TPS Mission

Our History

TPS was founded in 1997. We were one of the original online homeschool course pioneers, founded during the early stages of Christian homeschooling.

TPS uniquely supports the wide range of individual requirements, goals, and interests — including exceptional social and relational opportunities — of homeschool and independent students with our school certifications, capabilities, features, and opportunities.

Our Distinctives

Our Pedagogy

What is TPS’s approach to learning and teaching (pedagogy)? We hope you ask this question of every course provider or school you consider, and we hope you will find our explanations to be refreshingly plain-spoken.

TPS strives for “faithful scholarship” that integrates academic excellence and a biblical worldview in a coherent seamless approach to education and civic interaction.

Biblical Worldview

Social / Extracurricular

School should be more than just classes and homework. It should be a rich opportunity make friends with common interests and enjoy getting to know people from other backgrounds and cultures. School should include hanging out after class, studying together, worshipping together, being active in clubs and interest groups, posting your yearbook page, writing for the school newspaper, and more.

TPS is pleased to provide the same excellent courses to all academically prepared students, regardless of credit or diploma status. For some students, the Diploma Partnership option provides desirable benefits and meets additional requirements.

Diploma Option

School Profile

A school profile is an official document that describes a school’s academic standards, processes, and services for other schools, colleges, and scholarship programs to provide a reference for comparison with other schools. The school profile is included with every official transcript.

In our courses, programs, and activities, TPS seeks to foster academic excellence and Christian virtue exemplified by these personal, academic, and vocational qualities and characteristics.

Graduate Profile

Accreditation / Certifications

Accreditation and certifications help our students to more easily meet graduation requirements or to be more competitive for college and scholarships. They also support athletic eligibility and increase eligibility for financial aid from various state programs.