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“We have loved the amazing benefits that The Potter’s School has given our four children over the past decade. With the best combination we know of in terms of commitment to academic excellence while also promoting biblical values, TPS has prepared and equipped our children to be excellent scholars and ambassadors for Christ in university and beyond.
TPS live classes and diverse extracurricular activities enabled our children to really get to know their teachers and some classmates on a more personal level, which is rare if not impossible with other online courses and schools.
TPS teachers are obviously passionate about their subjects and caring towards their students making learning fun.
Our many interactions with TPS administrators and support have convinced us that they value two-way communication with students and families to meet students’ specific needs, leading to a richer, student-centric educational experience.
We have recommended TPS to dozens of families over the years, and will joyfully continue to do so for years to come.”
– Scott (Parent)
“TPS has gifted us with both a biblically-rooted and academically strong education. TPS has accomplished an exceptional feat of fostering a personal and interactive environment that encourages students to give our best and reach our potential.
Not only has TPS given us a truly exceptional education, but TPS actively focuses on each student’s relationship with God. You see, Jesus isn’t just a part of the school; He is the heartbeat of the school, and it’s this Christ-centered mindset that makes TPS unique.”
– Anna (Student)
About TPS

Get to know us by reviewing our mission, distinctives, biblical worldview, school profile, social and community opportunities, student profile, credentials, and more.

Courses and Subjects

Build your short range or long range academic plan for a single subject or multiple subjects. Browse, search, filter, and compare our nearly 200 courses. Discover courses you may not know about to meet your requirements, goals, and interests. Get all the details for courses of interest.


How TPS courses work, understanding course prerequisites, options you can choose when you enroll, when you may enroll, how to enroll, obtaining books and materials, and pretty much anything else you need to know to manage your enrollments and courses.

“TPS has played such a central role in my education. From my first class in fifth grade to graduating at summer camp, TPS has been a constant across a lot of change over these past eight years. I’ve been so blessed by the Christ-centered approach of all my classes taught by teachers who were always willing to give me any extra help I needed.
Not only that, but the extracurricular opportunities I’ve been a part of—clay, yearbook, and forums—have also been so influential in shaping my time at TPS.
Thank you for all that you do to make all of it possible! I know I have an excellent foundation going into college.”
– Isabel (Student)
New to TPS?

If your family is new to TPS, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you. We offer open houses each week for you to get to know us and individual meetings with new families to provide helpful orientation, academic advising, course selection and placement assistance, and general support to help make your entry experience personal and successful.

Academic Advising / Planning

Expert friendly help with choosing courses for one or more students in any subjects, academic planning for one or multiple years, meeting state or national requirements, planning your transcript to meet individual goals, or preparing for competitive colleges or scholarships.

Schools and Co-ops

Are you a school or co-op that needs specific courses to round out your curriculum? Consider a school partnership with TPS. You get adjustable course requirements, dedicated class times, weekly reports to the school, reduced fees, and more.

“TPS isn’t just a school, it’s a safe community for Christian kids. Not only did TPS give me a wonderful high school education, it gave me a chance to meet other homeschoolers my age. Over the years I have formed very close friendships with people from all over the world. I have found Christian teens who have blessed me and impacted my life on so many levels. I’m so thankful that TPS is a perfect environment in which I can build life-long friendships.”
– Emma (Student)
Graduation Ceremony

Learn more about the in-person homeschool graduation ceremony TPS provides each year.

Summer Camp

Learn more about the awesome summer camp for TPS students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Our mission is fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

TPS was founded in 1997 in the early days of homeschooling when the movement was focused on seeking excellence in Christian education in all subjects for all students. Though homeschooling has changed, TPS’s mission and core values have remained the same. Please review Our History to learn more.

TPS is accredited as a private school for grades 4-12 by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS). Accreditation as a school (versus a “learning provider” or “course provider”) requires additional standards of coherence in our curriculum and demonstrated sustained accomplishment of our academic outcomes. These credentials allow us to confer accredited high school diplomas and provide enhanced benefits for the U.S. homeschool community and independent students worldwide.

  • TPS is uniquely established and enduring as a non-profit accredited independent Christian school providing live online classes for U.S. homeschool and international students worldwide.
  • TPS courses uniquely integrate traditional academic standards with a comprehensive biblical worldview.
  • TPS courses uniquely support individual homeschool values by offering Our Courses Your Way with adjustable credit options.
  • TPS Campus uniquely offers extensive (and secure) student life opportunities like hanging out after class, studying together, worshipping together, getting involved in clubs, posting your yearbook page, writing for the school news magazine, and more.
  • TPS offers an optional Diploma Partnership uniquely designed for homeschool students who want to maximize their opportunities to apply to competitive colleges or for competitive scholarships or who are required by their regional laws to be in an accredited diploma program.

Please review Our Distinctives to learn more.

Please see details about the TPS writing curriculum and teaching: TPS Writing Courses – Become a skilled and confident writer!

Please see details about the TPS math curriculum and teaching: TPS Math Courses – Be prepared and confident in Math!

TPS offers academically excellent courses with adjustable credit as Our Courses Your Way.

Our Courses Your Way allows students in any context — including homeschool taking one or more courses, co-op enrolled, enrolled in another accredited school, or enrolled in TPS for a high school diploma partnership — to benefit from the unmatched teaching and evaluation in our courses while choosing the credit standards to suit their own context.

Please review Our Courses Your Way to learn more.

Please see the TPS Diploma Graduate Acceptances and Awards information compiled from 2018 to the most recent grad year.

In a partnership between TPS and Belhaven University, High Scholars is a “classics” (“Great Books”) program that studies western history, literature, and art from ancient to contemporary historical periods.

  • Four (4) live interactive classes each week, including periodic “round table” discussions
  • Two-year curriculum (enroll one year at a time)
  • 24 college credits (Freshman Comp 1 and 2, World Lit 1 and 2, Western History 1 and 2, Contemporary History, Art Appreciation)
  • Six high school credits (Western Lit and Comp 1, Western Lit and Comp 2, Western History, Contemporary World History, Art History, Western Worldviews)
  • Content integration allows for considerably lower total workload than each subject taken separately
  • Grades 10 and up

Learn more about TPS High Scholars.

TPS certified AP courses provide excellent AP exam preparation while integrating a uncompromised biblical worldview into every AP course subject. Most of our student earn scores of 4 or 5 on their AP exams, and nearly all earn 3 or higher (depending on the college, a score of 3, 4, or 5 is needed to receive credit for the AP exam score). Our students reach their AP exam score credit goals without compromising their faith.

  • Highest scores. TPS AP students earn the highest AP Exam scores each year so they gain the most competitive rankings with colleges and earn the most widely useful college credit.
  • Individual goals met. TPS uniquely helps you identify and accomplish your individual AP exam score goal (3, 4, or 5) for each course and exam.
  • Flexible scheduling. TPS AP courses may be taken by recorded classes (i.e., without live attendance) for students with schedule or time zone conflicts.
  • Direct college credit. Some TPS AP courses are also eligible for direct college credit without taking the exam.
  • Accredited transcript. TPS provides an accredited transcript to report your certified AP course to your colleges or scholarships (AP course providers for homeschool often cannot provide an accredited transcript to boost your competitive application).
  • Biblical worldview. TPS AP courses combine top scholarship with an uncompromised biblical worldview.

TPS college dual credit courses are full year courses that offer high school credit from TPS and university credit from Belhaven University. It is optional whether you register and pay for the college credits, and you do not decide until the second half of the full year course. You get to see how you are doing in the course before you commit to the college credit fees and create a permanent college grade record.

  • Dual credit optional. With TPS College dual credit courses, you register and pay for the college credits in the second half of the course. You have the option to complete the course as only a high school credit without the college record and fees.
  • Full-year top-quality live classes taught by our master teachers with timely effective feedback and ample evaluated opportunities to build a good course grade over a year.
    • Other college dual credit courses are usually one semester, covering less material at a faster pace with less instruction, less feedback, and with all the course grade weight on a few high-value assignments.
    • Other courses offered by colleges to high school students are often taught by part-time adjuncts with little or no involvement from the college’s academic departments.
  • Flexible scheduling. TPS College courses may be taken by recorded classes (i.e., without live attendance) for students with schedule or time zone conflicts.
  • Cost-effective. The TPS College dual credit option adds a relatively small cost to the high school tuition, for a lower total cost than you can find nearly anywhere, especially compared with the university level credit offered by TPS College courses.
  • Biblical worldview. TPS AP College dual credit combine top scholarship with an uncompromised biblical worldview.

If you have a schedule or time zone conflict that prevents regular attendance in a TPS AP or TPS College course, you may enroll for full credit with reduced or no live class attendance (using class recordings).

Please review the Flexible Scheduling details to learn more.

TPS Elementary classes instill a love of learning while teaching foundational academic skills. They are delightful while they also accomplish measurable objectives based on what the student needs for starting a smooth progression toward high school success. In particular, TPS Elementary writing and math are unmatched in effectiveness for these two most foundational subjects where a strong early start is important.

  • Exceptional Writing and Math preparation. TPS is unmatched in effectiveness for these two most foundational subjects where a strong early start is important.
  • Instill a love of learning while teaching foundational academic skills. TPS Elementary classes are delightful as they also accomplish measurable objectives based on what the student needs for starting a smooth progression toward high school success.
  • Live online interactive classes in secure classrooms with engaging audio-visual instruction features.
  • Build independent study skills so that by grade 7 most students can work on their own with limited supervision.
  • Reading, Writing, Grammar, Math (standard and accelerated), Science, Literature, History, Geography, Art, Spanish, and more!
  • Introductory and Online Study Skills course specialized for grades 5-7.
  • Build your complete curriculum or choose one or more individual courses for grades 4 and up.
  • Get school done while freeing busy parents for other family priorities.

TPS offers writing, math, and study skills summer classes to prepare you for the coming year or fill gaps from the prior year. TPS summer classes feature relaxed attendance and assignments so you can also enjoy your summer break.

Please start on our Courses page.

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Please see our detailed information on Obtaining Books, Materials, Labs and Other Resources.