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Our Courses Your Way

Every TPS course may be taken for TPS Credit or No TPS Credit. The TPS Credit option is required if you want the TPS transcript for the course. If you plan to use your own homeschool transcript, you may prefer to adjust some of the credit requirements with the No TPS Credit option.

Flexible Scheduling for AP / College Courses

If you have a schedule or time zone conflict that prevents regular attendance in a TPS AP or TPS College dual credit course, you may enroll for full credit with reduced or no live class attendance (using class recordings).

GPA Protection

One bad day should not be allowed to hurt your course GPA. TPS protects your course GPA against that “bad day” assignment or exam.

Humanitarian Accommodations

When you have to miss school for an extended period due to serious illness, injury, bereavement, severe natural disaster, local regional war, or other acute emergent humanitarian needs, you should not have to worry about making up schoolwork or negotiating new due dates. TPS provides academic leave with no make-ups or negotiations to support your humanitarian needs.

Student Life

School should be more than just classes and homework. It should be a rich opportunity make friends with common interests and enjoy getting to know people from other backgrounds and cultures. School should include hanging out after class, studying together, worshipping together, being active in clubs and interest groups, posting your yearbook page, writing for the school newspaper, and more.

Diploma Partnership Option

TPS is pleased to provide the same excellent courses to all academically prepared students, regardless of credit or diploma status. Some states or countries require students to be in an accredited diploma program. Students pursuing a competitive college or scholarship may want the competitive benefits and college application preparation assistance of partnering the TPS Diploma with their homeschool diploma.

How TPS Courses Work (Overview)

Difficulty, workload, attendance, assignments, grades, weekly reports of assignments and grades, parent responsibilities, humanitarian leave, and more — a complete overview of taking a TPS course.

Prerequisites / Readiness Assessment

TPS desires that every student enjoy challenge and success in his or her courses. For each enrollment, we work to match the student’s academic background, readiness, and trajectory to the course which we have designed carefully for specific levels, objectives, and successful outcomes. Each of our courses has Prerequisites. Review your responsibilities for meeting course Prerequisites and our responsibilities for objective and thoughtful individual Readiness Assessment.

Academic Calendar

Start dates, end dates, graduation date, breaks, holidays, and every date of academic importance for the upcoming school year. Review this to make sure our courses work with your holiday, vacation and family plans for the coming year.

When and How To Enroll

TPS enrollment opens with staggered dates based on course and student categories below. The categories and dates are based on allowing students with the fewer options and more constraints to enroll sooner so every academically eligible student has opportunity to get a seat in his or her desired classes.

Wait Lists

A Wait List enrollment is your request to be immediately enrolled in a particular class without additional confirmation if a seat opens. There is no fee to be on the Wait List, but fees are immediately assessed once the seat is held. Wait List enrollments require the same Readiness Assessment as open seats.

When and How To Pay

The family registration fee is paid with the first time you enroll for the academic year. Initial tuition payment for a course is due upon Readiness Assessment approval for the course. Subsequent tuition and fees payments are assessed in dated increments.

Obtaining Texts and Materials

Required texts and materials are listed in the course catalog for each course. ISBN numbers are provided for all books and media, to help ensure you purchase the correct version of the correct item. The information is provided prior to enrollment to help you decide whether the course is right for your student. For each course, we also post a warning not to order until we can verify availability and updates with publishers and vendors. We remove the notice for each course when we have these confirmations.

Switching Classes

Switching classes to an open seat in the same course is supported until shortly before the start of the academic term. Other switches or other times are considered on a case by case basis.

Dropping a Course

Please notify us if you must drop a course so we may understand your situation and consider options with you.

Ready For Classes

Getting ready for your first TPS class is easy. There is no assignment to review or prepare prior to the first class. A week before the start of a course, we will send you instructions for setting up your classroom and class pages login, so you may login and verify that you can access your classrooms (classrooms are not available until one week before the start of a course). On the first class day of each course, your teacher will provide an orientation overview of the course itself (messages, syllabus, assignments). During your first week, you will view a video demonstrating how to manage assignments, review feedback, and view grades, and you will practice submitting assignments. TPS Support is available to help anytime you have questions.

Grades and Transcripts

TPS offers a transcript for every course taken for TPS credit. For every course (regardless of credit status), we also provide everything you need to report a course on your own homeschool transcript. Which you choose will depend on your academic requirements, goals, and individual preferences.

Info Documents

All of these info pages are provided in the applicable sections of our site, so there is nothing new here. However, you may want to peruse this list in case you missed something of interest or importance to you.