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Schools and Co-ops

Are you a school or co-op that needs specific courses to round out your curriculum? For example:

  • Courses requiring special expertise (e.g., writing, upper math/science, AP).
  • Local teacher unavailable or unaffordable for a course or courses.
  • Certified AP® or college dual credit courses.

Consider a school partnership with TPS. Your students in our courses will enjoy the full benefits of the courses and our other services, but their primary school affiliation and identity will be your school, and TPS will be a course provider for you. Benefits include:

  • Assigned TPS staff member to coordinate enrollments, advising, and your unique requirements.
  • Significantly reduced registration fee to cover all enrollments under the partnership.
  • Dedicated class section and time (minimum enrollment or tuition required).
  • Our live classes may be taken from your site or the student’s home, with By Recording options for hybrid classes where students also meet live with your teacher.
  • Accredited transcript or use No Credit option to assign your own course grades on your own transcript or grade report.
  • Invoice payments can be handled by your school rather than the families (customizable per course).
  • Weekly reports to the student and parents can also be sent to your school (customizable per student).
  • For academic or other issues, TPS will contact your school first (if you prefer this).
  • Other needs? Ask us when we meet with you.

If you are a school or co-op interested in a partnership, or if you just want to introduce TPS to other families in your school or co-op, please reach out to us. We will set up a meeting with you. We are also happy to schedule a dedicated open house for your entire group, with a presentation tailored to your interests presenters you are specifically interested in meeting.