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Diploma Partnership

TPS provides the same excellent courses to all academically prepared students, regardless of credit or diploma status. The Diploma Partnership option provides enhanced benefits for all students, with additional unique advantages for students pursuing competitive colleges and scholarships.

TPS is a U.S. regionally accredited private online K-12 school for homeschool and independent students worldwide. Established in 1997, TPS maintains a worldwide reputation for academic excellence from a biblical worldview. Homeschool and independent students in all 50 U.S. states and 70+ countries currently use TPS courses to support their high school graduation requirements and prepare for college.

Why does TPS offer a Diploma Partnership option for homeschool or independent students?

“Applying for college as a homeschooler can be a challenging and trying experience; however, with TPS’s college admission counseling support, the process is that much simpler. The staff is understanding of their students’ goals and provide personalized assistance based on their students’ needs. Their knowledge of the process and genuine concern for the well-being of their students is refreshing in the extremely competitive admission landscape.”
– Yeshuwa (Diploma Partner graduate)
  • As a regionally accredited U.S. school (i.e., not just a course provider or educational service), TPS offers flexible diploma plans that may be used to satisfy national or state enrollment and graduation requirements.
  • A homeschool or independent student hoping to apply to competitive colleges or for competitive scholarships, will be more competitive with a transcript from TPS as a highly-regarded school and may be most competitive utilizing the benefits of the TPS Diploma Partnership in preparing the college and scholarship applications.

How successful are TPS Diploma Partner students in applying for college and scholarships?

Please consider our TPS Diploma graduate acceptances and scholarships historical data.

Why is the TPS Diploma Partnership optional?

Many U.S. homeschool students have no need for an external diploma because they can meet their state requirements and college goals without the accredited transcript, the competitive edge from TPS, or the expert TPS assistance with college applications. We are pleased to provide the same excellent individual courses to all academically prepared students.

What are the additional benefits of the TPS Diploma Partnership?

“TPS has done it again! This additional service by TPS is quite unique amidst the homeschooling community and we commend their ongoing work and for excelling in their already exceptional academic curriculum and support. The advising team is staffed with personnel that are friendly, responsive, and caring. They are well versed in the ever-changing college application processes and are able to provide a step-by-step action plan to position the TPS Diploma Partner students in the best light and prepare them for the best outcome for admissions and financial aid.”
– Abraham (Diploma Partner parent)
  • Worldwide recognition and unequaled reputation for academic excellence. Satisfies general academic U.S. and international requirements for high school graduation and can be adapted to meet specific requirements unique to a state or country. (May not satisfy specific regional eligibility requirements for special programs, financial aid, scholarships, or other local, regional, or specialized applications.)
  • If you prefer to confer your own diploma (e.g., as homeschool parents), a TPS Diploma does not interfere—it can function as your secondary diploma with all the benefits while you still award your homeschool diploma (or both) at graduation.
  • Academic advising available each year with no additional fees for guidance in selecting courses for best high school preparation and then the strongest high school transcript tailored for the student’s goals and talents. Build your best transcript with our nearly 150 high school credit courses, including honors, college dual credit, and AP courses.
  • Priority enrollment for approved courses (including wait listed and limited enrollment courses). Additional support with complex scheduling and higher priority in wait list seating.
  • Fees (including non-refundable fees) are reduced or waived for course changes made in coordination with the academic adviser.
  • For official state forms requiring a school (non-parental) approval, endorsement, or signatures, TPS will provide school representation for the student.
  • For extracurricular high school student program applications that specifically require a school’s interaction, endorsement, or recommendation (and where TPS agrees to recommend the student for that particular program), TPS will interact, endorse, and recommend as the school on behalf of the student.
  • Transcript processing fee waived for grade 11/12 transcript(s) (the one(s) sent to colleges). (TPS processing fee is waived. Delivery and postage fees may still apply.)
  • Guidance and support in the college application process, including:
    • Collaborative review of the student’s academic readiness for various schools and programs. (Non-parental counsel can often add a neutral or objective element.)
    • Choosing optimal application paths for the individual student. (The range of processes and applications—e.g., registered school versus homeschool, individual apps versus common app — are often unfamiliar to parents, and there are pros and cons to each so the “optimal” path is different for each student.)
    • Providing a weighted transcript when it is required by a college or beneficial for a particular college application or scholarship. (Weighted transcripts are available only to TPS Diploma Partner students working through their TPS adviser.)
    • Advising the student or parent in completing difficult or ambiguous portions of the application(s). (Applications often make general assumptions or seek specific information which may not apply to the homeschool or independent student, with no guidance for alternative responses.)
    • Obtaining credible recommendations from teachers and others. (The “favorite” or most familiar teacher is not always the most effective or beneficial choice for a particular recommendation.)
    • Insights for creating impactful essays. (College application essays are different from the essays students have written during their 11-12 years of school.)
    • Explaining or portraying unique elements or even “trouble spots” in an application package. (A “rough patch” challenge that was overcome may become a feature not a blemish.)
    • Helping students recognize and articulate their unique story. (Effective college applications provide an accurate compelling coherent narrative that uses all the elements of the app and interviews to match the student’s story to the school’s interests.)
    • In the case of some highly competitive schools and programs (and where TPS agrees to recommend the student for that particular school or program), it may be in the student’s best interest (or may even be required) for TPS to complete portions of the application that are exclusive to a school and outside of the student’s purview.

What are the eligibility requirements for starting a TPS Diploma Partnership?

  • Academic Grade Level. The Diploma Partnership is available to students in grades 7-12 who are taking all their classes as a full-time TPS student.
    • It is generally required to begin the partnership prior to grade 9 or with grade 9 enrollment.
    • Enrolling grade 10 students with a solid grade 9 background are usually eligible.
    • Grade 11 and 12 students will generally not be considered unless essentially all high school core courses were completed in TPS. (However, grade 11 and 12 students are welcome to take TPS courses with full credit benefits and receive expert academic advising to build their best college application transcript.)
  • English and Math Academic Placement. To start the Diploma Partnership, a student must be currently enrolled in and approved for (i.e., academic placement completed) TPS English and TPS Math courses consistent with the student’s grade level. (It is not required to have completed a TPS English or Math course, but enrollment and readiness assessment (academic placement) in English and Math are required before discussion of diploma plan options.)

What are the academic requirements for the TPS Diploma Partnership?

  • For the high school diploma, there are two flexible plan options for the student to choose between:  standard and honors.
    • These plans are each a framework which the student will use working with a TPS academic adviser to choose from our nearly-150 high school courses to build the strongest custom plan for the individual student’s goals and interests.
    • For students prior to grade 9, the plans are used as individual goals for planning middle school courses to prepare for high school.
    • Plans are most specific for the upcoming academic year, and gradually less specific each future academic year. This allows opportunity for adjustment as the student progresses toward graduation.
  • The individual plan is reviewed and revised each year as needed to adjust for changing goals and opportunities.
  • After the individual plan is collaboratively developed with the TPS academic adviser, TPS will provide the plan in a Diploma Partnership agreement for the family to approve in writing.
  • The agreement (and benefits) may be ended by the family at any time by notifying TPS in writing.

Are there additional commitments or fees for the TPS Diploma Partnership or any of its its benefits?

The Diploma Partnership and benefits are available only to full-time TPS students and there are no additional commitments or fees.

How may I arrange a meeting to discuss TPS Diploma Partnership opportunities and options for my student(s)?

A Diploma Partnership discussion is an academic planning meeting. Please use the Advising / Planning Meeting request process to arrange your meeting. We look forward to meeting with you.