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Get To Know TPS

Are you new to TPS? Or perhaps returning after time away? TPS has made significant changes and improvements to better serve the wide range of academic interests of homeschool and independent students worldwide. Here are some ways to get to know TPS:

New Family Meeting

If your family is new to TPS, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you individually prior to or during your first enrollment to provide helpful orientation, academic advising, course selection and placement assistance, and general support to help make your entry experience successful and efficient.

Open House

Come to our open house! We offer an open house every Monday at 11 am U.S. ET and 8 pm U.S. ET. It is a friendly gathering for new or prospective TPS families to learn more about TPS. We provide a very short presentation followed by ample opportunity for informal Q&A. Meetings are in Zoom, so you can access from anywhere. You must register your email and name to receive the secure link, but it’s free and you are not added to any solicitation lists.

Co-ops and Schools

Are you part of a school or co-op that may have other families interested in TPS, or may be interested in a partnership with TPS? We are happy to schedule a dedicated open house for your entire group, with a presentation tailored to your interests and presenters you are specifically interested in meeting.