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Social and Extracurricular Opportunities

School should be more than just classes and homework. It should be a rich opportunity make friends with common interests and enjoy getting to know people from other backgrounds and cultures. School should include hanging out after class, studying together, worshipping together, getting involved in clubs, posting your yearbook page, writing for the school newspaper, and more.

TPS uniquely provides all of these opportunities and more. Being an online school does not limit our social and relational opportunities — it enhances them because we bring together students from all 50 U.S. states and more than 70 countries. TPS offers exceptional social and relational opportunities, including:

Graduation Ceremony – TPS hosts an in-person graduation ceremony each year in a beautiful setting that welcomes homeschool families to gather and share the significant event of high school graduation.

Summer Camp – An awesome summer camp for TPS students, parents, teachers, and staff every year just after school ends.

TPS Campus – TPS provides a private secure safe site for TPS students of all ages to gather, socialize, share, and interact. It is rich and active in social opportunities, including:

  • After Class Hangout / Study – Every class has its own safe secure social space where students can message, chat, talk, meet, post pics and music, engage in forum discussions, study together, pray together, have a Bible study together, and more.
  • Clubs and Interest Groups – Join interest groups and clubs — or even start a new club or group. Every club and group has its own safe secure social space where students can message, chat, talk, or meet; do activities and projects; post images and audio; engage in forum discussions; and more.
  • Forum – Students have access to a private secure discussion forum where they can socialize or engage in civil discourse on theological, social, or political matters.
  • Experiences and Accomplishments – Share significant experiences and accomplishments (e.g., awards) in pictures and blogs for others to engage and interact.
  • Visual Arts and Craftsmanship – Present and display artworks and craftsmanship for others to appreciate and interact.
  • Stories and Poetry – Post original writings — fiction, poetry, short stories, novels, essays — for others to read and interact.
  • Yearbook – In the spring semester, students may create their own custom yearbook page for friends and family. The TPS Campus is entirely private and secure — only current students, teachers, and staff can access it.

clay Magazine – In continuous publication since 2005, clay is a school news magazine created, led, edited, written, drawn, and photographed entirely by TPS students.

Chapel (Fotia) – With two online services every week, prayer meetings, and opportunities, and regular devotional posts, TPS Chapel is planned, led, and conducted by students for students.