Fostering academic excellence and biblical virtue to equip students for lives as local and global Christian servants.

Profile of a TPS Graduate

In our courses, programs, and activities, TPS seeks to foster academic excellence and Christian virtue exemplified by these qualities and characteristics.


  • Practice faith as a personal individual relationship with God based on the traditional Christian Trinitarian creeds, and with respect for confessional (denominational) differences among professing Christians.
  • Respect equally the worth and dignity of every individual person, including those with differing political, social, and religious views.
  • Share their time, talents, resources, and leadership with their local and global communities with valuable contributions to society and God’s kingdom.


  • Appreciation for learning and study as valuable life-long efforts and priorities.
  • Ability to accept constructive feedback and learn from the input of diverse others.
  • Experience in kind, respectful, and productive civic discourse with diverse peoples of differing priorities and views.
  • Academic skills necessary to succeed vocationally, including critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, analysis, problem-solving, and working collaboratively with others.
  • Broad knowledge in all academic areas as a basis for understanding current issues.
  • Understanding of the collection and analysis of information, including distinctions between:
    • Data / Fact
    • Correlation / Causality
    • Anecdotal / Statistical
    • Hypothesis / Warranted Belief / Proof
  • MATH: A solid foundation in Math that includes successful completion of full-scope courses in Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra.
    • A solid foundation in Life Sciences that includes a full-scope Biology course with formal labs.
    • Familiarity with major theories of the origin of life including scientific and theological considerations.
    • Solid foundation in Physical Sciences
      • Full-scope Chemistry course with formal labs.
      • Functional understanding of Physics.
    • Broad knowledge of world history and cultures from ancient to present, including worldviews developed and differentiated over time and within cultures.
    • Proficient in the process of a polished analytical essay that includes research, inductive thesis, deductive analysis, concise explanation, logical defense, and rhetorical persuasion in academically correct English.


  • Individual understanding of one’s gifts, talents, and passions in pursuit of a career or vocation at the cross-section of those unique traits.
  • Responsibility, accountability, diligence, time-management, study, and organizational skills necessary to succeed in their future endeavors.
  • Technical proficiency working with text documents and other online resources.
  • Respect for the intellectual credit and ownership of individuals and organizations.
  • Strong collaborative skills (i.e., a “team player”) working in a globally connected context.