Questions? Let's chat! Questions? Let's chat!

Research, Orientation, and Preparation

A wise readiness verification process requires a little extra work from everyone but is essential for the success and benefit of the student. The enrollment process to hold a seat is basically: enroll in classes, submit readiness verification materials for each course when you enroll it, receive readiness approval, and then make initial payment. The readiness verification process should take less than a week unless there are additional factors to consider (e.g., readiness uncertainty based on prior course background, English as a second language, learning accommodations). If at any time you have questions during the process, please contact us by email to [email protected] so we can efficiently have the right person interact directly with you.

Do Your Homework First 🙂

Do your research and get your questions answered before you enroll. We have many courses and plenty of seating, so you do not have to rush to hold seats while you are deciding. We want your enrollment to be an well-informed no-pressure experience that builds a successful enduring partnership between you and TPS.

  • New to TPS? We offer New Family Enrollment Meetings to help first-time enrolling families choose courses and navigate the enrollment and readiness verification process. Please use this New Family Meeting Information form (to download the form document, right-click the link and “Save link as…”) to make the request.
  • Our extensive web site information is browsable and searchable, and we have expert staff available all day to answer your questions. Please familiarize yourself with some critical information:
  • Our Course Catalog (which supports filtered searching and browsing) provides crucial information for every course, including prerequisites, readiness tests, fees, class schedules, required texts and materials, sample classes, testimonials, and more.
  • Prior to proceeding with enrollment, please carefully review the Enrollment Agreement.