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TPS offers a transcript for every course taken in TPS Credit status. We also provide everything you need to report a course on your own homeschool transcript, which also allows you the flexibility to take the course in No TPS Credit (i.e., no TPS transcript) status if you prefer (except AP courses). Which you choose will depend on your individual academic requirements, goals, and individual preferences.

Official (Accredited) TPS Transcript

An official TPS transcript is required for:

  • Reporting TPS course grades and credits using TPS’s credentials (name, logo, accreditation) to any college, school, or other organization or program.
  • Reporting TPS courses and credits to NCAA.
  • Reporting a certified AP course to any college, school, or other organization or program (College Board requirement).

If you are building a transcript for application for a competitive college or scholarship, we recommend you use an official TPS transcript to benefit from the certifications and added competitive credibility it provides.

  • The official TPS transcript includes a calculated GPA and credits.
  • The official TPS Transcript includes the School Profile.
  • If you plan to use (or might later want to use) an official TPS transcript to report a course, you must take the course in TPS Credit status to have this option.
Homeschool Transcript

An official TPS transcript is not required for building your own self-generated homeschool transcript. For every course successfully completed, TPS provides all information necessary for listing the course on your homeschool transcript, including course description, list of textbooks, individual assignment grades and feedback, and a cumulative course grade calculation. Families are welcome to use this information to prepare their homeschool transcript and apply their own grades.

  • The homeschool transcript should not be used to report certified AP courses (unless they are your own self-designed AP courses approved in writing to you by the College Board).
  • The homeschool transcript should not use TPS credentials (name, logo, accreditation).