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Flexible Scheduling

How does TPS “flexible scheduling” work for AP and college dual credit courses?
  • When you enroll in a TPS AP or TPS College course, you have the option to select Recording Only.
    • TPS will review your enrollment and approve you for Recording Only (i.e., no live attendance) if you are academically prepared for the course but have a schedule or time zone conflict.
    • If you have a schedule conflict that will limit your attendance but will still allow you to attend regularly (e.g., you must miss one day each week of a two-day course), you may contact TPS to make this flexible arrangement without selecting Recording Only.
    • We keep track of Recording Only enrollments so we can manage live class sizes for attending students.
  • The Recording Only option is not available for a few select courses that require significant graded class participation for course credit.
    • These include spoken language courses (e.g., French, Spanish) and discussion-based courses (e.g., High Scholars, College Creative Writing).
    • For these courses, if you have a schedule conflict that will limit your attendance but still allow you to attend at least half of the live classes, please contact TPS to obtain our authorization in writing prior to enrolling for the reduced attendance enrollment for credit.