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TPS High Scholars – Be a High Scholar, not just a high schooler!

24 College Credits in homeschool

“High Scholars has been awesome! It changed my perspective of the world and how I perceive things around me; it challenged me, but I found a new sense of adventure. Class is always a fun trip down history filled with stories as old as time; it’s mind-boggling. High Scholars became more than a class to me, it was my epiphany. And all of my teachers and classmates were amazing!” Abigail J (student)

Study the Great Books of Western literature and join the Great Conversation!
TPS High Scholars

In a partnership between TPS and Belhaven University, High Scholars is a traditional Great Books program that studies western history, literature, and art from ancient to contemporary historical periods.

  • 24 college credits from Belhaven University – Freshman Comp 1 and 2, World Lit 1 and 2, Western History 1 and 2, Contemporary History, Art Appreciation.
  • Six high school course credits from TPS – Western Lit (2 courses), Western History, Contemporary World History, Western Worldviews, Art History
  • Four engaging classes each week (with some attendance flexibility), including regular “round table” discussions.
  • Two year curriculum (you can also take either year without the other) welcomes grade 10 and up.
  • Content integration allows for lower total workload than each subject taken separately.

“I really cannot praise High Scholars highly enough. The teachers are fun, engaging, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they teach. I never knew I could learn so much while still having fun. With this class meeting four days a week, there is more of an opportunity to grow closer as a class, and I am so grateful for the friends I have made. Rather than studying different eras of history as compartmentalized sections of time, I have learned how all of history interconnects, giving me a much fuller understanding of the world of the past. This course has transformed my writing and helped me reach academic heights that I never knew I could.” Carolyn Y (student)

“I recommend this course because it so successfully combines English (literature), History, and Art History and they all follow the same timeline! I had never done Art History before, and the College Art Appreciation part of High Scholars Year 2 helped me understand and appreciate art in so many new ways.” Glorianna G (student)