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When and How to Pay Tuition and Fees

General Information
  • TPS does not assess late fees, penalty fees, or interest.
  • You must make all payments by e-check (preferred) or credit card through your family account. TPS never charges your account or card automatically or manually. We do not process paper checks.
  • When you enroll in any course, the enrollment constitutes your agreement to pay the non-refundable portions of the tuition and fees for that course. Please review the Enrollment Agreement to understand our commitments and your obligations.
  • Non-refundable fees become non-refundable as of the date they are assessed (charged), regardless of when or if they are paid.
  • For detailed fees and payments information, including payment due dates and non-refundable fees, please see Tuition, Fees, Payments, and Refunds.
Family Registration Fee

When you enroll one or more courses for the first time in a new academic year, you will be required to pay the Family Registration Fee of $75 at the time of that first enrollment. It will not be charged for subsequent enrollments in the same academic year. You may pay the Family Registration Fee in advance to avoid delays when enrolling.

Course Tuition and Fees
  • The initial tuition and fees payment for each course is due promptly after Readiness Assessment (placement) approval is provided for that course.
  • Subsequent tuition and fees payments are due in dated increments which are listed in the Tuition, Fees, Payments, and Refunds information. Important dates include:
    • Course Enrollment (initial tuition payment, all courses)
    • May 15 (summer courses)
    • July 15 (fall term and full year courses)
    • Nov 15 (full year and spring term courses)
How to Pay

Please use these detailed instructions for making a payment from your family account.