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Our Courses Your Way

TPS offers academically excellent courses with adjustable credit as Our Courses Your Way.

Our Courses Your Way allows students in any context — including homeschool taking one or more courses, co-op enrolled, enrolled in another accredited school, or enrolled in TPS for a high school diploma partnership — to benefit from the unmatched teaching and evaluation in our courses while choosing the credit standards to suit their own context.

TPS Credit Option
  • Courses completed under our credit standards for attendance, assignments, and exams are documented on an accredited transcript which you may request for TPS to send directly to your primary school, secondary school, college, or university.
  • By default, each TPS course enrolls in TPS Credit status unless you choose No Credit for the course at enrollment or by request later (details below).
No TPS Credit Option
  • Except for AP® courses, you may take any TPS course without the TPS credit with full benefit of the teaching, evaluation, and feedback but with attendance, assignments, and exam proctoring all optional. TPS will provide you the information you need to document the course on your homeschool transcript.
  • For the No TPS Credit option, choose No Credit for each course when you enroll.
    • A TPS College dual credit course may be taken for No TPS Credit, but this cannot be self-selected at enrollment. It must be requested and approved in writing from TPS Support because it also negates any opportunity for the college credit, and we want to ensure you have considered this in your request.
    • A TPS certified AP® course must be taken for TPS Credit (there is no option for No TPS Credit). This limitation also applies to TPS courses which are both AP and College dual credit.
    • You may also switch to this option later during the course (except AP courses).

TPS Diploma Partnership

Taking all your courses from TPS for credit provides you the most thorough college preparation with unmatched academic quality, which is certified by a TPS transcript that is recognized worldwide for its standards of academic excellence.

  • Students taking all their high school courses from TPS are also eligible for the TPS Diploma Partnership to boost their standing for competitive college or scholarship applications.
  • TPS provides Diploma Partner students expert individual support with the college and scholarship application process, so you enjoy the flexibility of applying as a homeschooler and the credibility of having a transcript and diploma from a top high school.
  • Non-U.S. students may be required by local law to be enrolled in diploma programs since homeschooling is usually not recognized outside the U.S.